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  • Eastern Air Lines Revitalized

    Everybody, especially Americans love a comeback story. Sometimes though the comeback is short sighted and doesn’t pan our how your planned, just look at Lance Armstrong. In the airline business there has been no shortage of re-cooked airlines. The latest attempt was from People Express. That lasted a few short months due to poor planning […]

  • DukeGEN Angel Pitch in NYC – One great night, 5 great startups

    The DukeGEN Angel Pitch Event Several months back tripchi participated in a Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network DukeGEN Angel Pitch event in NYC (Chandra graduated class of 2004). The event was hosted at AppNexus in MidTown (28 West 23rd Street 4th Floor), who provided a great space as well as dinner and drinks. If you haven’t heard about AppNexus, the company […]

  • The Re-Launch of PEOPLExpress

    The trend of reviving failed airlines continues with the re-launch of PEOPLExpress on June 4. Many people of my age (pushing 30) have never heard of the airline PEOPLExpress. They existed as low-cost carrier, with a no frills model from 1981 thru 1987 when they merged with Continental Airlines. They were based out of Newark and had […]

  • “Breaking Bad” Epitomizes the Startup Journey

    “Breaking Bad” Logo Courtesy of AMC With the season finale of “Breaking Bad” coming up, I’ve been doing a bit of thinking around the show premise, and how similar the plot line is to the development of a startup. The same problems that happen to Walt Enterprises in the show happen to all founders when […]

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