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  • Denver Airport Hotel

    A few weeks ago, Denver International Airport unveiled its new Denver Airport Hotel – the Westin Denver International Airport. I got an invitation to go to the opening day celebration (November 19), but unfortunately I wasn’t able to clear my schedule for the day. Luckily, several other reporters that I regularly follow (like Harriet Baskas) were […]

  • 5 Busiest Airports for July 4th Travel

    It is here once again, the great day of July 4th. The celebration of Americas gained freedom from the grip of the British. It is my favorite holiday by far. For those of you outside the US and unfamiliar with the 4th of July it mostly involves enjoying the outdoors whether it be at a […]

  • Richmond Airport Review

    I recently flew from Boston to Richmond and back on JetBlue and was excited about the trip for a number of reasons. I had never flown into Richmond International Airport but I had heard very good things about the layout, stores, accessibility and quick security. Richmond to me feels like the beginning of the South. […]

  • 5 Airports with Best Extracurricular Activities

    Summertime travel in the US can be an arduous and aggravating process. With booming storms, crowded runways and full aircraft; delays and cancellations are bound to happen. So we at the tripchi airport app wanted to brighten up your travel blues and bring you our top 5 most exciting extracurricular activities from airports around the world. […]

  • Reflections on Concur’s Perfect Trip DevCon

    It was tripchi’s pleasure to have participated, and pitched, in the inaugural Concur PerfectTrip DevCom 2013. It was not only a great networking opportunity, but also a great learning opportunity. I learned about many of the intricacies of the Concur API, so that when we’re ready to apply for the App Store, there won’t be […]

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