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2014 Flights In Review

It’s been a fun year of travel for me. This was one of my best years for international travel mainly due to the fact I spent much of the year in Cape Town, South Africa tagging along while my girlfriend was getting a graduate degree at the University of Cape Town. Many of the flights were very long so I was able to experience new long hauls airline offerings. I also had many long layovers, mainly in the Middle East. As I like to do every year, I compile all my flight legs, new airlines, miles flown, new destinations and new aircraft. Then I like to crown a winner in the destination, airline and aircraft division. It’s fun to look back at the end of the year and revisit all your experiences. It also gives you a chance to get excited for the future. Where will you go in 2015? Read more

The Next Generation Airport

A couple of months ago we read the Future Travel Experience (FTE) report on what American Airlines and Dallas Fort Worth teamed up to deliver around a “next generation airport.”

American Airlines and DFW took a collaborative approach, and hired an external consultant to come up with what the Next Generation Airport would look like – most of which was implemented by the end of 2013.

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Flight Review: Qatar Airways 1366 on the 787 Dreamliner

Background/Ticketing for Qatar Airways Flight 1366

(Full Disclosure this flight was taking by my girlfriend Suzanne. What follows is her thoughts as dictated to me.)

The trip was part of a two leg return flight from Cape Town International to Johannesburg to Hamad International Airport in Doha to Washington Dulles. Hopefully we can feature all four of these airports on the tripchi airport app and don’t forget sign up for our Airport Improvement contest to win an Iphone 5 case!

The tickets were purchased for two main reasons; price and overall flight time. Flying from South Africa can get pricey so anything in the $600 range one way is a good deal. These tickets were had for $629. There were cheaper flights on Etihad Airlines but required a long layover in Abu Dhabi that would have made the overall flight time significantly longer. The overall flight time was 27 hours, which is relatively short for such a cheap ticket. The first leg of the flight was on Qatar Airways new 787-8 Dreamliner with a fuel stop for two hours in Johannesburg followed by a 2hr layover in Doha before boarding a 777-300ER bound for the Capital. We will focus in on the 787-8 experience as we have covered the 777 before.

Qatar Airways 787-8 at CPT

Qatar Airways 787-8 at CPT

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A New Southwest Airlines

As many of you may have noticed Southwest Airlines has debuted their new livery colors in an effort to launch a re-branding. Southwest which was established in 1971 has risen from a lowly inter Texas carrier to a domestic giant serving 93 destinations in 40 states. The airline operates more than 3,600 flights a day, transporting more than 100 million customers a year with the help of 45,000 employees. While other airlines have suffered bankruptcies and layoffs, Southwest has remained profitable for 41 consecutive years, which is remarkable considering the recent economic downturn other airlines failed to handle. With the near completion of the Airtran integration there was a need for a new look to reinvigorate the passengers and the workforce. I have to say I enjoy the paint scheme and am excited to see what Southwest has in store for the future.

Southwest side logo

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tripchi airport app July newsletter

It’s been a busy month for the tripchi airport app team, we are inching oh so close to our beta launch…. We are excited to offer our community the chance to unlock new airport experiences and hack your way to airport sucking less. We have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the app and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

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5 Airports with Best Extracurricular Activities

Summertime travel in the US can be an arduous and aggravating process. With booming storms, crowded runways and full aircraft; delays and cancellations are bound to happen. So we at the tripchi airport app wanted to brighten up your travel blues and bring you our top 5 most exciting extracurricular activities from airports around the world. In the age of airports2.0 many airports are taking the hint that passengers want more than fancy shops and a good bar. Passengers want to be entertained and airports want passengers to have a reason to come back. So if the summertime travel headaches got ya down, check out our list below to lift your spirits.

Cool Off With Tripchi!

Cool Off With tripchi!

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DukeGEN Angel Pitch in NYC – One great night, 5 great startups

The DukeGEN Angel Pitch Event

Several months back tripchi participated in a Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network DukeGEN Angel Pitch event in NYC (Chandra graduated class of 2004). The event was hosted at AppNexus in MidTown (28 West 23rd Street 4th Floor), who provided a great space as well as dinner and drinks. If you haven’t heard about AppNexus, the company provides trading solutions and marketplaces for internet advertising.

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Airport Review: Cape Town International

The BackRowFlier returns with his review of Cape Town International Airport. In Africa, where the airports generally lack amenities that are found at many international airports, CPT stands out as a Africa’s shining star. With its open air feel and high ceiling, the airport is very inviting to passengers arriving and departing. While it is a busy international airport, it does not feel overcrowded. It is easily accessible from downtown Cape Town and you can usually breeze through security in less than ten minutes. The airport has a modern European feel that provides passengers with the necessary food and shopping options to ensure a pleasant stay.

Want to read the full review, click here!

Airport Cape town

Dubai International A Second Time Around

On my way back to Cape Town, SA from Boston I had an 8 hour layover at Dubai International Airport. The timing was a bit out of sorts. I would land at 7pm but not leave until 3:50am. You might have guessed that I flew Emirates again, this time on the 777-200LR and 300LR variants. On Emirates I prefer the 777’s over the A330’s or 40’s. Even though the 777’s hold more people in econ, the cabin feels much less cramped, the seats are more comfortable and have better pitch. A plus with booking on Emirates is their “Dubai Connect” which offers passengers with a layover of 8 hours or more, a free hotel room and food voucher. You sign up after booking and collect your vouchers at the airport. I signed up for the voucher but didn’t use it due to the timing of my flights. I was afraid of not making it back to the airport and I wanted to do some work during the layover.

Dubai Connect Voucher

Dubai Connect Voucher

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Boston Logan Terminal E Done Right

On Tuesday night I flew out of Boston Logan Terminal E to catch an international flight to Barcelona, Spain (via Frankfurt). As an airport nerd and connoisseur, I wanted my first real visit to Boston Logan’s International Terminal E done right. So, I *tried* to make reservations at a Boston Logan Terminal E airport restaurant a few hours in advance of my flight to make the most of my airport experience.

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