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The Boarding Process Examined

This week I am going more the op-ed route and expressing my opinion (like I don’t already) rather than providing factual insight into the travel industry. For any of you that have traveled extensively and can’t afford the business or first class treatment, boarding is a grueling processes.  In the US, a domestic route almost always involves an infuriating boarding process. Now much of this can be blamed on the airlines. With the institution of checked baggage fees the mission of many passengers is to see how much they can stuff into their suitcase, get it passed the gate agents and slam it into the overhead bin. It is quite frankly astonishing what people think is an allowable size for a carry on these days. I have been on very few domestic flights over the past few years where I haven’t had to assist someone lift their bag into the bin because they got a little over zealous with their bag size. In some respects the passengers are to blame but I get the mind-set, you never know if you will need that pair of fancy clubbing shoes when your on a remote beach in Panama, I get it. I try to travel light to avoid such situations but we can’t all be great travelers.

Photo Credit: Cathryn Jakobson Ramin.

Photo Credit: Cathryn Jakobson Ramin.

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