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Denver Airport: @SlickNickRicky review – tripchi airport app

tripchi editor’s note: You’ll find that Denver Airport is a breeze to fly through. With several security entrances (including a hidden and less crowded entry by the Terminal A footbridge), and two sides for passenger drop-off (East and West), getting in and out is easy. There’s a high-speed train that connects the 3 terminals underground, making it easy to shop and dine in a terminal other than where your flight is departing from. Finally, there’s a plethora of shopping and dining that reflect both the local culture of Denver, as well as the eclectic and global tastes of Denver Airport passengers. And, these options are available both pre- and post-security. We’re pleased to present Denver International Airport in the tripchi airport app – it’s not only our home airport, but it’s also an Airport 2.0.

And now, on to @SlickNickRicky’s review.

Denver Airport – the approach

Driving up to Denver Airport (DEN), you get a sense of how the new design is overtaking the classic terminal that used to be there. But once inside, it’s even better. A sleek, smooth flowing terminal design (round of applause to Fentress Bradburn Architects) transitions drastically into the world renowned peaked roofs (I liken it to an Indian tee-pee village) that covers the main Jeppeson Terminal of Denver Airport.

Driving up to Denver Airport

Driving up to Denver Airport

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