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Flight Review: Frontier 405 DEN – LAX

Background/Ticketing for Frontier 405

I bought my Frontier 405 flight from Denver to Los Angeles as part of a round-trip ticket on Orbitz. The purpose of my visit to LA was to film a video with Post Script Production of my grandfather, Marv. The shoot lasted 2 days over the weekend and was a smashing success. I decided to travel on Wednesday night from Denver through Tuesday leaving Los Angeles to take advantage of the lowest fare possible. The round-trip ticket cost was $141.10 (from Orbitz). One of the reasons I decided to purchase it from Orbitz rather than from the Frontier website directly was because I like earning Orbitz Rewards Points for my trips, and I had no such loyalty affiliation (yet) with Frontier. I used the Orbitz day finder tool to find the cheapest fare +/- 3 days and that drove the decision to book Frontier. Typically I fly United (and actually have reached Silver status with United this year), but the prices on United were coming in around $230 – Frontier 405 was just considerably cheaper. This drove my decision to a price play rather than a loyalty play for the booking.

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