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tripchi prepares for The Perfect Trip DevCon

tripchi is getting ready for our pitch at Concur’s The Perfect Trip DevCon 2013 this week (Oct 2) in San Francisco.

Not only are we super excited, but we are also extremely flattered to have been chosen from such a talented pool of applicants to be one of the finalists.

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“Breaking Bad” Epitomizes the Startup Journey

Breaking Bad Logo

“Breaking Bad” Logo Courtesy of AMC

With the season finale of “Breaking Bad” coming up, I’ve been doing a bit of thinking around the show premise, and how similar the plot line is to the development of a startup.

The same problems that happen to Walt Enterprises in the show happen to all founders when trying to build a company. Product. Team. Partners. Price. Distribution. Investors. You name it, they’ve faced it.

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Travel startups in India

It’s no secret I have an India affinity. I studied in Hyderabad as part of my Thunderbird MBA at the Indian School of Business (ISB). I also worked in Mumbai after graduating at a Bollywood startup. Even my name has a Sanskrit origin (Chandra means moon). But no, I am not Indian (although I have to admit, when I was living in India finally I felt at home since because could pronounce my  name correctly 🙂 ).

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Who is the next generation of travelers?

Tnooz has a great article a few days ago, answering the question of “Who is the next generation traveler?”

tripchi has thought a lot about our target market, about the people who really need and want to make the best use of their time in airports. Since airports are unavoidable burdens of travel, we want to make the airport experience as good as possible for the traveler. Whether that means helping people find a better place to eat, a quiet place to work, a charging station, or neat souvenirs to buy (at a discount) – we’re here to facilitate that. But, who are the people that could make the most use of this?

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Now, for something completely different

Well I usually write a lot about airports and travel. But I thought I’d shake things up today and write about marketing.

It’s something I do a lot of thinking about, especially this strange yet trendy thing called “growth hacking.” As if marketers were feeling left out of the developer nerd-circle, so we needed have a form of hacking associated with us too.
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Boy, that’s a lot of Airports!

I got forwarded a really interesting article from my mother, who assiduously looks for travel and airport related articles for me in the WSJ, LA Times, CNN, Fox News , especially now that she’s retired. As an aside, I  also find it amazing that she still subscribes to physical hard-copy newspapers and reads them daily (but that’s another topic).

But in any case, thanks Mom!

This article is about a special breed of traveler – the competitive traveler. That’s right. Competitive.

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Summer Travel Results

Latest travel trends

I have been twittering and emailing lately with Cheapoair and they recently supplied me with their Travel Trends August 2013 Data.

Some interesting stuff –

The top 10 Domestic (US) destinations (by airport code, of course) are:

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What will the future airport experience look like?

This morning I was reading my daily travel news subscriptions – Tnooz, Skift, and the like – and came across a great article on the future of airports in 2025 (thanks Nick Vivion, fellow Duke-alum and writer at Tnooz! (follow him on Twitter @worldli)).

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