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New Fleet VS Old Fleet

Two weeks ago Boeing rolled its 8,000th 737 off the line and delivered it United Airlines, who was the first airline ever to order a 737. This is a great demonstration of how successful the 737 program has been. When Boeing first implemented the program in 1967 it was another seven years before Airbus delivered their first aircraft. This got me to thinking about how old are the airplanes we fly on? What is the average age of airline fleets in the US and how their age affects the passengers experience?

Boeing 737-300

Boeing 737-300

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Airport Easter 2014

Happy airport Easter!

We at tripchi hope that all of our readers had a great Easter. We sincerely hope you didn’t have to spend some or all of it stuck at an airport. But, in the case you did, we heard that there were some pretty cool airport Easter happenings going on.

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United Flight 1072 Review – Denver to Boston – Boeing 737-900

For my first-ever flight review, I’ll be reviewing my United Flight 1072 – Denver to Boston flight on April 11, 2014 on a Boeing 737-900 aircraft. @BackRowFlier, Seth Bailey, is teaching me more about aviation and aviation writing. Let’s get to it!

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Passport Kiosks Employed by US Airports to Decrease Wait Times

Have you ever returned from a long business trip or gone on holiday to a tropical paradise and been greeted with a massive line at customs? All you want to do is grab your bags and be on your way. We all wish it could be that simple but in the US and many other countries clearing customs can be a tedious and stressful situation.

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Denver International Airport Experience, Direct to Boston Logan


A few days ago (April 11, 2014), I traveled back to Boston Logan (BOS) from Denver International Airport (DEN) after two successful weeks with my product team in Denver. Besides spending time in Denver, I escaped to Colorado Springs for the weekend to attend the Broadmoor Jazz Festival, hosted by legendary guitarist Earl Klugh. So you could say it was a “bleisure” trip.

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Emirates 777-200LR DXB-BOS Flight Review

Today’s featured post is part two of the BackRowFlier Emirates flight review. This time he was aboard the Boeing 777-200LR. Compared to the A340-300 which lacked legroom and had a lack luster interior, the 777 has a bright updated interior with a world class entertainment system, ICE. The crew again was spectacular and lived up to the Emirates brand promise of stellar service. The Emirates 777 delivers a top notch experience that will make a long haul flight feel like a routine puddle jump.

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Emirates 777-200LR at BOS

My Favorite Airport, with Sonar Travel

For today’s blog on favorite airports, tripchi caught up with Sonar Travel’s owner, Sonia Frieder.

Sonia Frieder from Sonar TravelSonia Frieder is the owner of Sonar Travel and writer of The Sonar Ping blog. She believes we should stop planning and start enjoying our precious vacation time…and airports! Are you thinking about traveling but dread the travel planning process? Sonia can help. Specialties include destinations in the US and Europe, honeymoons, and budget travel.

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Flight Review Emirates A340-300

The BackRowFlier is back and reviewing his flight on Emirates A340-300 from Cape Town to Dubai. The Emirates brand encapsulates the United Arab Emirates love of opulence and materialism, and this is evident on the Emirates A340. The Emirates first class and business offerings are know worldwide for over the top amenities and service. However, the economy class felt haggard with an outdated entertainment system and uncomfortable seats. The cabin crews attitude and attention to passengers almost make up for the negatives, but not quite.

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A340 Parked at CPT


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