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Airport Review: Cape Town International

The BackRowFlier returns with his review of Cape Town International Airport. In Africa, where the airports generally lack amenities that are found at many international airports, CPT stands out as a Africa’s shining star. With its open air feel and high ceiling, the airport is very inviting to passengers arriving and departing. While it is a busy international airport, it does not feel overcrowded. It is easily accessible from downtown Cape Town and you can usually breeze through security in less than ten minutes. The airport has a modern European feel that provides passengers with the necessary food and shopping options to ensure a pleasant stay.

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Airport Cape town

Swiss Air LX052 – Flight from Zurich to Boston (A330-300)

Swiss Air LX052 Background/Tickets

After a great car trip vacation through Northern Spain, Andorra, and the fabulous Basque country, I also had the pleasure of flying back to the States on Swiss Air, for the first time ever (Swiss Air LX1955 and Swiss Air LX052)!

View from ZRH Terminal B

View from ZRH Terminal B

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Dubai International A Second Time Around

On my way back to Cape Town, SA from Boston I had an 8 hour layover at Dubai International Airport. The timing was a bit out of sorts. I would land at 7pm but not leave until 3:50am. You might have guessed that I flew Emirates again, this time on the 777-200LR and 300LR variants. On Emirates I prefer the 777’s over the A330’s or 40’s. Even though the 777’s hold more people in econ, the cabin feels much less cramped, the seats are more comfortable and have better pitch. A plus with booking on Emirates is their “Dubai Connect” which offers passengers with a layover of 8 hours or more, a free hotel room and food voucher. You sign up after booking and collect your vouchers at the airport. I signed up for the voucher but didn’t use it due to the timing of my flights. I was afraid of not making it back to the airport and I wanted to do some work during the layover.

Dubai Connect Voucher

Dubai Connect Voucher

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Boston Logan Terminal E Done Right

On Tuesday night I flew out of Boston Logan Terminal E to catch an international flight to Barcelona, Spain (via Frankfurt). As an airport nerd and connoisseur, I wanted my first real visit to Boston Logan’s International Terminal E done right. So, I *tried* to make reservations at a Boston Logan Terminal E airport restaurant a few hours in advance of my flight to make the most of my airport experience.

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10 Things to do at Changi Airport

For today’s blog we hook back up with the BackRowFlier as he provides us with a list of 10 things to do at Changi International Airport in Singapore. Changi is routinely rated as the best airport in the world and there is no shortage of ways to keep yourself entertained. Singapore is a jumping of point for the ultra rich, business travelers and tourists alike and provides a great mix of food, culture and shopping. It combines entertainment and relaxation to provide an airport experience like no other. One thing is certain, you will not be bored at Changi.

Changi Collage

You can see BackRowFliers full list here!

MIT AeroAstro Open House

In late April the MIT Aeronautic and Astronautics Department opened their doors to the public to celebrate 100 years of the program. In celebration, a number of special events were held in conjunction with the Cambridge Science Festival. I didn’t realize it was April vacation and the event was mobbed with school children. It was inspirational to see children getting involved and interested in aviation and astronautics. The events included touring the Gas Turbine laboratory, stepping into MIT Wind Tunnel, practicing your piloting skills on a flight simulator and talking with the engineers who are building the D8 “Double Bubble” aircraft that is funded by NASA to replace the 737. Below the highlights from the day:

Crowd enjoying the engines on display

Crowd enjoying the Engines on display

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Aviation and Airport Transformation Through Technology

A few months ago, I listened in on a Stanford-IATA Aviation Strategy Program webcast of the future of airport from a operations and business model perspective, as well as the airport transformation through technology – Strategy Execution for the Air Transport Industry. If you’re not already signed up to receive webcast offerings from Stanford’s Continuing Education Program, you should be – they’re all free!

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Talking Airports with Aviation Queen Benét

Today tripchi is honored to speak with the Aviation Queen herself, Benét J. Wilson

aviationqueen-30_oBenét J. Wilson is an aviation/travel freelance journalist who currently serves as the Air Travel Expert for She has also written for publications and blogs including Cranky Flier, ACI-NA Centerlines, Aviation International News,Airport World and the Airline Passenger Experience magazine.  She also blogs at on aviation and travel topics and is the founder/owner of the “I Love Sitting In 1st/Biz Class”Facebook group. She is an Air Force brat and is working on her private pilot’s certificate. She resides in Baltimore, Md.   Read more

The Perfect Landing at Centennial Airport (APA)

On my last two trips to Denver, I had the good fortune to spend some time at the Centennial Airport (APA), and dine at The Perfect Landing restaurant.IMG_20140409_193056

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