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Airplane in the Sahara Desert

While I don’t usually write about obscure human interest stories, this one caught my attention. I first read about it from a friend’s Facebook post several months back, and was so intrigued that I thought it would be worth researching and sharing with our tripchi readers. For all you #avgeeks out there, read on – this is an amazing story.

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Hainan Airlines Now Boarding Boston to Beijing

The last twelve months for Boston Logan Airport have been important in terms of international route growth. Logan has added four new carriers Copa, Emirates, Turkish and now Hainan Airlines. There would have been a fifth but Wow Air out of Reykjavik has shelved their plans to fly to Boston for now. One of the most important and anticipated additions is certainly Hainan.

North American passengers probably haven’t heard much about Hainan, but like other Chinese carriers they are growing fast. With the addition of a Chinese carrier, Boston is solidifying itself as a top destination for business and leisure travel. Boston was one of the top US markets not to have a flight to mainland China, not capitalizing on the immense wealth growth of Chinese nationals. Connecting the large population of Chinese residence and immigrants in the Boston area has long been a target on the radar of politicians and businesses. Hainan Airlines is here to fill that need.

First Ever Boston to Beijing Flight

First Ever Boston to Beijing Flight

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Rio Airport – Skip It and Just Get to the World Cup

You may think, really? The Rio Airport (GIG)? But, they’ve reported to have invested seriously in the infrastructure and guest amenities in the past few years in preparation for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. Maybe it’s time to give the Rio Airport (aka the Antonio Carlos Jobin Airport, named after the famous jazz musician) another chance!

Or maybe not. This review takes a look at what might have changed in the past few years.

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JetBlue Mints New Premium Class

On June 15th JetBlue proudly launched Mint, their attack on premium class seating. When JetBlue announced over a year ago that they would be entering into the premium seating market, I eagerly awaited what they would roll out. I have been a fan of JetBlue because of their low fares out my home base Boston, the best on-board US domestic product and generally proper treatment of pax (minus points for the young girl forced to urinate in her seat recently). To date, JetBlue have focuses mainly on serving the more price concise flying public with an economy and the “even more space” offering, which will get you slightly more leg room for an additional cost. The Mint product will mark their first effort to capture business class revenue, that previously had gone to the larger carriers.

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DukeGEN Angel Pitch in NYC – One great night, 5 great startups

The DukeGEN Angel Pitch Event

Several months back tripchi participated in a Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network DukeGEN Angel Pitch event in NYC (Chandra graduated class of 2004). The event was hosted at AppNexus in MidTown (28 West 23rd Street 4th Floor), who provided a great space as well as dinner and drinks. If you haven’t heard about AppNexus, the company provides trading solutions and marketplaces for internet advertising.

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The Re-Launch of PEOPLExpress

The trend of reviving failed airlines continues with the re-launch of PEOPLExpress on June 4. Many people of my age (pushing 30) have never heard of the airline PEOPLExpress. They existed as low-cost carrier, with a no frills model from 1981 thru 1987 when they merged with Continental Airlines. They were based out of Newark and had a very retro 80’s paint scheme. They grew rapidly in the early 80’s, offering flights from Newark to Gatwick for only $149 one way which was paid in cash on-board! They were a pioneer low-cost carrier, being the first to charge for a check bag at $3.00 per bag. Can you imagine that type of service today, I would love to go to the airport and try my luck.

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A Few of My Favorite CLT Airport Things

CLT Airport

If you’ve never been to Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT Airport) before – then you’re in for a real treat. It’s one of those airports with a very good layout – a hub and spoke model so that you can easily get from one terminal to the other without getting on a tram, or bus. In other words, everything is connected. Which means there’s a lot to explore!

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The Controversy Behind Norwegian Air Long Haul Flights

Norwegian Air Shuttle, to many North Americans, is a little known European low cost carrier, that flies short haul routes in Scandinavia and Europe. The airline started in 1993 as a regional carrier and in 2002 transitioned into a low cost carrier. Read more

MSP Airport Review with SlickNickRicky


SlickNickRicky (or, at least his dog)

Today we caught up with tweep @SlicknickRicky and long-time tripchi supporter to find our about his favorite airport, MSP Airport (Minneapolis-St. Paul).

Thanks for joining us Nick.

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