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Austin Airport is Awesome

tripchi is proud to announce that Austin Airport (AUS) will be included in our Beta launch, accompanying other fine airports like Washington-Dulles, Dubai, and Charlotte. Austin Bergstrom is a small airport in comparison with the others in this group, but that doesn’t make it worse – in fact, being smaller gives an airport the challenge to work harder to find better content and offer superior customer service. Wouldn’t you be lured away from a mega-airport if flying from a nearby regional airport was just as convenient, offered less wait time, and better amenities? Even Fox News agrees.

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A New Southwest Airlines

As many of you may have noticed Southwest Airlines has debuted their new livery colors in an effort to launch a re-branding. Southwest which was established in 1971 has risen from a lowly inter Texas carrier to a domestic giant serving 93 destinations in 40 states. The airline operates more than 3,600 flights a day, transporting more than 100 million customers a year with the help of 45,000 employees. While other airlines have suffered bankruptcies and layoffs, Southwest has remained profitable for 41 consecutive years, which is remarkable considering the recent economic downturn other airlines failed to handle. With the near completion of the Airtran integration there was a need for a new look to reinvigorate the passengers and the workforce. I have to say I enjoy the paint scheme and am excited to see what Southwest has in store for the future.

Southwest side logo

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tripchi airport app newsletter

tripchi Airport App, What’s the Haps, & Recaps

Sep 2014, End of Summer Edition

With August in the rear-view mirror, it’s high-time we send out our monthly newsletter! We were busy in August prepping our airport app for delivery straight to your pocket. Without further ado, here’s the mobile website version. If you take a peek on your mobile phone, it will give you a sense of what the Android mobile app will look like, even though the design work is still coming together. We appreciate all feedback on our mobile web app – especially if you plan to travel through Washington Dulles (IAD), Charlotte Douglas (CLT), and Dubai International (DXB). Coming soon – Austin (AUS), Boston (BOS), and San Francisco (SFO) – as fast as we can mechanical turk, scrape, parse, and load them! Kudos to the entire tripchi team for finally making the tripchi airport dream a reality.

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The Future of Aircraft WiFi with Alex from Altitude Connect

@Altitude-Alex (2)This week tripchi is excited to speak with our friend Alex at Altitude Connect. Altitude Connect specializes in the use of leading technologies, insightful innovations, meaningful products and inspired services that empower people to be entertained and productive in-flight. They are all about promoting in-flight connectivity and all the fun ways to share it. Alex is one of Altitude Connects most vital team members and we wanted to pick her brain about the latest advances in airport and in-flight connectivity. As a frequent traveler Alex can often be found tweeting about the clouds on flights with connectivity. She can be reached on twitter at @Altitude_Alex or at Enjoy!

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Biz Plan: Low Cost Caribbean Airline

I am going out on a limb for this weeks blog and swerving away from my usually industry and airport analysis. I have been contemplating writing a business plan for a of a low-cost airline in the Caribbean. What business do I have trying to create my own airline? In truth, not much? I have worked in aviation and travel but never directly for an airline. Lets just say if I ever get my MBA, the lack of competition in the Caribbean commercial airline market might be my thesis. My idea for a low-cost airline in the Caribbean isn’t new but to date there has been no successful attempt due to a very difficult operating environment. Could I be the first? 

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Washington Dulles Airport – the New and Improved Washington Airport

Dulles Airport is not what it used to be – and that’s a good thing.

It’s amazing how, with the passing of time and the Airports 2.0 transformation that is sweeping the aviation industry, a terrible airport can become a great one. That has certainly been the case for Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), affectionately known as Dulles Airport. When I lived in Northern Virginia 5 years ago, I would DREAD having to fly out of Dulles Airport. I would purposely try to take flights out of Reagan National whenever possible to avoid the crowds, the impossible security situation, and the ridiculous and slow-moving people movers. I also can think of a dozen other reasons why Dulles Airport used to suck – including the terrible food and shopping options (the best souvenir you could hope to buy was a CIA hat). Not to mention the horribly inefficient passport control and customs process when arriving to Dulles Airport from overseas – it always annoyed me that the longest and slowest line was the line for American citizens.

But all this has changed, which is why we are unveiling the tripchi airport mobile app with Dulles Airport as one of First Five airports built out.

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The Ghost Airport of Spain

One hundred and forty miles south of Madrid on a wind-swept desert plain just outside the city of Ciudad Real lies a ghost airport. The terminal buildings are empty as sand slithers through the hallways reminiscent of a abandoned old west mining town. Signs depict an airport “under construction”, but the reality is much more grim. Construction has halted and workers are nowhere to be found. Today the airport goes by Ciudad Real Central Airport, previously known as South Madrid Airport or Don Quixote, but locals view it more as rubbish dump and an eye soar. So just how did this modern-day airport become a wasteland?

Outsie gate

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