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The Future of JetBlue

Being based in BOS I always have my eye on JetBlue developments. I am an avid trueblue member and have been a fan of them since they began making Boston a focus city. They are my trusted airline when I need to get to the Caribbean and fly them whenever I get a chance. I was a little put off when they announced plans to institute a check bag fee but the reality of flying today, is if you want the cheapest fare you have to pay for incentives. When Wall St. started to put pressure on the airline to institute fees and pushed growth, you could smell the change in the air. The first move was boot the old CEO Dave Barger, who I personally was a fan of.

JetBlue aircraft a float


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Keep calm and travel on through the Winter with our airport app

tripchi airport app newsletter, Feb 2015, Winter Freeze Edition

Brrr. Tired or shoveling snow? Maybe it’s time to take that Winter getaway somewhere warm. Because, the only thing that should ever be in a deep freeze is a deep-fried frozen Oreo (or Twinkie) – not you!

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Richmond Airport Review

I recently flew from Boston to Richmond and back on JetBlue and was excited about the trip for a number of reasons. I had never flown into Richmond International Airport but I had heard very good things about the layout, stores, accessibility and quick security. Richmond to me feels like the beginning of the South. People seem friendlier than in Baltimore or DC and the accents start to get a little thicker.

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An Airport Valentine’s Day

Thanks to Harriet Baskas at USAToday (@StuckatAirport), we’ve been able to roll-up both airlines AND airports that have celebrated an airport Valentine’s Day this year.

Airlines Share their Airport Valentine’s Love

Air France Airport Valentine's Day Cake

Air France Airport Valentine’s Day Cake – Courtesy of Air France

AirFrance offered a free French chocolate lava cake to anyone traveling out of DTW (Detroit) on Feb 13th, made by Detroit’s Chez Chloé – owned by chef Chloe Sabatier. The cakes are a sample of desserts that will regularly be served aboard Air France flights starting in March. Passengers could take the cake onboard the flight to enjoy OR, Air France uniformed staff would deliver the cake, along with a Valentine’s card, to a loved one in the Detroit area on Feb 14th. Find out more here.

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Airport Loyalty Programs

Keys to a successful airport loyalty programAs airport loyalty programs continue to pop up at an airport near you, we wanted to look more closely at the key components that make airport loyalty programs successful. In our next blog, we will compare a number of airport loyalty models in existence today and break them down in terms of program effectiveness and guest experience.

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Winter Weather and Cancelled Flights

As winter sinks its teeth into the Midwest and the Northeast of the United States, cancellations and delays become a big issue for airports, airlines and passengers alike. Airlines have taken a much more proactive approach to winter storms in recent years. Previously many airlines would wait and see how bad a storm is before they would cancel flights, leaving many passengers stranded in transit. While this scenario still occurs, airlines tend to like to cancel their flights early enough so they can manage the situation better and avoid those costly fines for imposed by the FAA for flights being on the tarmac for 3 hrs or more. This policy can be good for both sides; the airlines can get a handle on the storm early and manage its cancellations, issue you travel vouchers and re-book passengers from those cancelled flights. While the passenger gets a heads up and can be proactive about getting on another flight. Make no mistake though cancellations due to weather cost the airlines and the passengers a lot of money.

winter airport

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PHX for the Superbowl

It’s been a while since we’ve visited Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, but now’s a great time to revisit and review PHX for the Superbowl. Whether you’re a PHX local, or just passed through PHX for the Superbowl, you’ll love the Southwest inspired art, architecture, shopping and dining that this airport has to offer. In fact, many PHX locals visit PHX Sky Harbor just for the shopping – there’s a great pre-security shopping mall area in the main terminal that is an attraction for more than just travelers (if this doesn’t scream Airports 2.0, we don’t know what does!). These are just a few of the reasons why we’re planning to include PHX in the tripchi airport app, not to mention that the place to go is….PHX for the Superbowl!

The Views Don't Suck Either - #layovertip at PHX for the Superbowl

The Views Don’t Suck Either – #layovertip at PHX for the Superbowl

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