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Qatar Airways Comes to Boston

I have written numerous times about Boston Logan International Airport and their many international route additions within the last three years. Logan is my hometown airport, so I am slightly biases and very pleased they are expanding. They really do deserve credit for bringing in airlines from all over the world. With the economic boom occurring in the Gulf State region of world, it’s no wonder Logan has gone after airlines located in the area. First came Emirates which I have written about previously and now Qatar Airways. The management of Logan should be commended enticing two major Gulf States airlines to fly to Boston. Granted all three airlines Emirates, Qatar and Etihad are expanding like crazy but you know Logan had to make some concession to bring in Qatar.

Qatar airways

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Spirit 719 Flight Review

Spirit 719 – Flight Background/Tickets

This week’s Spirit 719 trip takes me from Denver to (hopefully) sunny Los Angeles to join my high school friends on a four day Memorial Day boat adventure (#boatlife). The flight actually has a planned stopover in Las Vegas, where some passengers will deplane and others will board. The gate agent said that in all likelihood we won’t have to deplane if we’re staying on for Los Angeles, but I didn’t mind the prospect of just hopping out to do a little tripchi scoping of Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport (one of my least favorite airports, actually).

(LAS) McCarran International Airport Sunset

(LAS) McCarran International Airport Sunset

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MIA Airport Review

Last week I traveled to MIA Airport as part of a multi-city work trip (see my blog about my exceptional Delta 1382 flight from DEN to ATL here). I was excited to return to MIA Airport after a 5 year hiatus, and even more excited to take some time to walk MIA and write a review. I had heard great things about MIA Airport ranging from passenger service, to an eclectic array of things to do in the airport that reflect the local culture of the city (beach and Cuban). Also, I believe MIA Airport is the home airport of one of tripchi’s competitor apps, AirportChatter (which is now shelved).

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Top 5 Annoying Airline Seatmates

Flying today can be a stressful endeavor and a good seatmate when you are flying solo is a crucial and horribly random. We have all been on a flight where our seatmate has severely put a damper on our experience. In the age of less seat pitch and decrease seat width, having an unruly seatmate can spell disaster for a long flight. Some common unwanted seatmates are the “Stinker” a less than glamorous smelling human or the “boozer” who drinks four mixed drinks in an hour and half tells you all of his family issues and uses you as a crutch to help him off the aircraft. As more airlines cram more passengers into smaller spaces with fewer amenities, more passengers have to grit their teeth to be polite. Read more

Delta 1382 – DEN to ATL

Delta 1382 – Flight Background/Tickets

For this particular Delta 1382 flight from Denver (DEN) to Atlanta (ATL), I’m flying for business. I’m stopping over in Atlanta on my way to the Open Travel Alliance (OTA) conference in Miami, where I’ll be presenting. In Atlanta, my goal is to conduct some sales training activities for my other travel job. Read more

Airline Ratings

A couple weeks ago we stumbled upon an airline ratings study put out by Embry-Riddle. It’s a very interesting study, in that it rates North American airlines on multiple dimensions – customer service, passenger satisfaction/happiness, as well as operational indicators like on-time arrivals etc. The other thing we like about this particular airline ratings study is that it came out of academia (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is one of the foremost aviation schools in the world) and not out of the airlines’ own marketing funds. Read more

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