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tripchi airport app – October update

October 2015 tripchi airport app newsletter

Harvest season is upon us in the Northern hemisphere, and we’re making the most of great weather, cheap flights, and fun events like Oktoberfest (which we were almost in Munich for) and Halloween (which we plan to throw a “travel” oriented party in Denver for – do reach out if you’re in town!)).

September was also a busy month for the tripchi team. As promised, we scoped out new airports and airlines during our epic adventure in Cuba, Curacao, and Panama City, and documented the end-to-end experience as always – both on Chandra’s therestlessroad blog and on the tripchi blog for the portions more related to airlines and airports. Of course we also found time to send out a #layovertip here and there on Twitter.

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Copa Airlines review

A few weeks ago I traveled on Copa Airlines for the first time during my epic trip to Cuba. Not only did I travel Copa Airlines from Curacao (which I visited on business) to Panama City (PTY), but I also traveled roundtrip on Copa Airlines from PTY to Havana (HAV) and back.

As such, I was able to interact with Copa Airlines several times – before the trip in the process of buying my tickets (painful), dealing with Copa Airlines prior to boarding the flight to Panama in an attempt to get the Cuban tourist card, and then of course on several flights including the flight out of Havana, Cuba to Panama, which I plan to review here.

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October is Airport Restaurant Month

Oct Restaurant Month LogoIt’s that time of year again – October is airport restaurant month. So, if you find yourself in a longish layover with more than an hour to kill at one of the 60 restaurants in North American airports participating in airport restaurant month, keep on reading for some of our best picks and #layovertips for noshing on some good eats at a killer price. You’ll find HMS Host has stepped it up from last year, with four times the number of restaurants participating this October.

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Miami Airport Immigration

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Cuba and Panama, and came back in to the US via Miami Airport immigration. The lightning show on the plane helped take our minds of the potential of security nuisances in MIA.

2015-09-19 20.51.14-5

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