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Flying to Rio on the Dreamliner

Recently, I decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Brazil with some friends and got to do so flying to Rio on the Dreamliner.

Here was my itinerary for Friday, October 7th (2016):

  • DEN-IAH 310PM-626PM UA1874 (787 Dreamliner)
  • IAH-GIG 930PM-925AM UA129 (flying to Rio on the Dreamliner)

My visa and passport came via FedEx overnight from Travisa the morning of October 7th, just in time to make my 310PM flight out of DEN so that I’d be flying to Rio on the Dreamliner. See more about that Visa process here.

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Labor Day Travel Wrap 2016

Today’s Labor Day travel wrap is brought to you by the letter S and the number 5, as in September 5th, 2016 (Labor Day, for those of you outside North America). Hopefully you got to do something as awesome as I did (I flew from DEN to LAX for a sailing expedition).

Sailing through Labor Day travel

Sailing through Labor Day travel

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Airlines flying US-Cuba routes

Last year, I was able to make it to Cuba before the US eased travel restrictions and airlines flying US-Cuba routes started hitting the news. In today’s blog, I’m going to explore some of the ways you’ll be able to get to Cuba more easily from the US. US Airlines are all competing for some of the hottest routes out there right now, and consumers always win with airline competition (as explained here). Even though these are still charter flights (e.g. Visa restrictions apply), they will be open to the general public soon. Thanks to the guy sitting next to me on the Frontier flight I took from SNA to DEN last week for the blog idea!

Airlines flying US-Cuba routes - rolling out now!

Airlines flying US-Cuba routes

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PIT-PHX AA647 Flight Review

David MitchellToday’s AA647 Flight Review blog is written by David Mitchell, fellow #avgeek, Thunderbird, and travelphile. David is passionate about traveling and exploring as much of the world as possible for as cheaply as possible.  He has traveled to over 40 countries spanning 4 continents and has lived in 3 countries and worked in 2 countries.  He employs frequent flier miles and cheap fares to fly him all over the world.  Recently, he has been working on using credit card bonuses to help him travel in luxury.

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Competition in Aviation

A few weeks Hopper posted an interesting article about route competition in aviation, and specifically about what happens when a Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) enters into a market.

The article starts out talking about the glory days of old, when savvy route-scourers could occasionally find super-cheap flights to desirable places (like a transatlantic flight to Europe), elevating these travelers to guru status among their friend circle.

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2015 Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving 2015 - courtesy of Presidential Aviation

Thanksgiving 2015 – courtesy of Presidential Aviation

It’s that time of year again in North America when we get ready to loosen our waistbands and over-indulge on turkey, fix-ins, and pumpkin pie – that is if the Thanksgiving travel rush doesn’t get the better of our well-laid plans. According to Orbitz, 61% of Americans say they will travel for Thanksgiving, a 6% increase over last year.

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The Battle At Dallas Love Field Heats Up

For those of you that have flown into Dallas on Southwest, you have flown through Dallas Love Field. If you need to get to downtown Dallas, Love field is much preferred as it is closer than DFW. Love Field has a brand new terminal that has received much praise and year to date the passenger traffic is up 50%. The growth, however, has not come without it’s fair share of issues. It is evident that people prefer to fly into Love Filed for the proximity to the Dallas but with a massive increase in passenger numbers, will the airport be able to handle the capacity and keep the airlines happy? Read more

Nashville Airport Review

Nashville, Tennessee is frequently referred to as the music city and for good reason. When you walk up and down Broadway more commonly known as “The Strip” in downtown Nashville you can’t help but take in the many country artists singing their heart out in every bar and restaurant. You can hear the desire to make it big in many of the songs. If you want to be big in country music, Nashville is the place. You have to get there first and most likely it will be by flying into Nashville International Airport or BNA.

bna downtown

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Low-Cost Carrier Marketing Shock and Awe

In today’s blog, I wanted to focus on some of the interesting low-cost carrier shock marketing techniques used by budget airlines, aka LCCs, to get the message across around their unbundled base fare offerings.

First of all, let me introduce a few concepts. The first is the concept of a low-cost carrier, of LCC. Low-Cost Carriers are airlines that deconstruct their fare bundles to the most basic atomic unit – the bare fare. Anything additional costs extra – such as seats or bags. LCCs are carriers such as Spirit or Frontier in the US, or Ryanair or easyJet in Europe.

Low-Cost Carrier

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5 Most Delayed US Airports During Summer

Everybody loves to travel in the Summertime and it’s no secret that ticket prices are high in the summer. The simple rule of supply and demand will tell you to buy early because summertime demand for air travel is extremely high, especially in the US. Last week I focused on the busiest airports during summer and know I am going to focus in on the most delayed. While many in the top five won’t shock you, I was very surprised not to see ATL. Every time I have traveled through Atlanta in the summer I am always delayed due to weather, most of time because of thunderstorms. It is a testament to the work the ATC do down at ATL that even with bad summer storms the world’s busiest airport avoids delays. The following rankings came from measured from 2005-2014 and reflect the on-time percentages of the flights at each airport.

summer travel


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