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Tnooz Big Data Travel Hack

Last weekend, tripchi participated in the Tnooz Travel #BigDataHack at hack/reduce in Cambridge, MA. Read all about it in this Tnooz write-up, which features yours truly sounding really smart!

Gene Quinn from Tnooz

Boston Growth Hackers October Meetup

Boston Growth HackersLast week, tripchi attended the Boston Growth Hacker’s monthly meetup, featuring guest speaker David Skok. David writes a blog for entrepreneurs and startups on topics such as viral marketing, SaaS metrics, building a sales and marketing machine, techniques for lowering cost of customer acquisition, etc. His blog can be found here.

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More Lessons from the Greater Boston Women in Leadership Symposium

After the weekend to reflect on the event last week, which I initially wrote up here, I decided to add another post about how all of the learnings can apply to office politics and networking, whether you’re at a startup or a mid-large corporation (or both, like me!). All of the women leaders in EMC have learned to navigate both of these (often) minefields with courage and grace, as do startup CEOs, and world leaders.

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Greater Boston Women in Leadership Symposium – “A Day of Excellence through Leadership”

Panel hosted by Sheryl Chamberlain, EMCToday I had the honor of being part of the Greater Boston Women in Leadership Symposium – “A Day of Excellence through Leadership” sponsored by the New England Diversity Council. This is an annual event which brings together a diverse mix of successful women leaders who discuss topics pertinent to today’s workforce in order to educate, inspire, and encourage attendees to reflect they strive to advance within their organizations. The panels were moderated by two very inspiring intrapreneurs and role-models, Sheryl Chamberlain and Stacey Schaeffer, both from EMC Corporation, a Boston-based Fortune 200 company focused on B2B information technology as a service (ITaaS) enablement.

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Mass Innovation Event at Lansdowne Pub in Boston

This past week we had the opportunity to participate in the Mass Innovation event held in the heart of Boston at Lansdowne Pub right next to the historic Fenway Park. The evening itself was filled with entrepreneurs, start-ups, enthusiasts, and seasoned individuals from all walks of life.

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We are competing for a speaking spot in MassInno 2013 and need your help!

The team here at tripchi has been diligently hard at work developing the app that will change the way people interact when traveling in airports.  As we work internally to make strides every day we are also very active in the entrepreneurship community here in Boston Massachusetts.  Next week on Wednesday, March 13th if we place in the top 4 of a voting poll for the Mass Innovation group we will get a chance to present to a large group of fellow entrepreneurs, start ups, investors, and I am sure a wide variety of other people who will attend. Here is a link to the specific event for next Wednesday.

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