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Talking Airports with Aviation Queen Benét

Today tripchi is honored to speak with the Aviation Queen herself, Benét J. Wilson

aviationqueen-30_oBenét J. Wilson is an aviation/travel freelance journalist who currently serves as the Air Travel Expert for She has also written for publications and blogs including Cranky Flier, ACI-NA Centerlines, Aviation International News,Airport World and the Airline Passenger Experience magazine.  She also blogs at on aviation and travel topics and is the founder/owner of the “I Love Sitting In 1st/Biz Class”Facebook group. She is an Air Force brat and is working on her private pilot’s certificate. She resides in Baltimore, Md.   Read more

My Favorite Airport, with Sonar Travel

For today’s blog on favorite airports, tripchi caught up with Sonar Travel’s owner, Sonia Frieder.

Sonia Frieder from Sonar TravelSonia Frieder is the owner of Sonar Travel and writer of The Sonar Ping blog. She believes we should stop planning and start enjoying our precious vacation time…and airports! Are you thinking about traveling but dread the travel planning process? Sonia can help. Specialties include destinations in the US and Europe, honeymoons, and budget travel.

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It’s Not Cheating – the Affair

By Adam Bush

In my previous blog, I talked about my torrid love affair with Vino Volo. I was in the thralls of love.

But then something changed in 2012.

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It’s Not Cheating (If it’s in a Different Airport Code)

By Adam Bush

Recently on a boys’ trip to KRK (Krakow), I had an almost six hour layover at IAD (Dulles).  This was mostly by choice since I would rather spend extra time at the major hub airport than be delayed at my home airport of ORF (Norfolk) and lose a day flying overseas because I missed a connection.

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