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Who is the next generation of travelers?

Tnooz has a great article a few days ago, answering the question of “Who is the next generation traveler?”

tripchi has thought a lot about our target market, about the people who really need and want to make the best use of their time in airports. Since airports are unavoidable burdens of travel, we want to make the airport experience as good as possible for the traveler. Whether that means helping people find a better place to eat, a quiet place to work, a charging station, or neat souvenirs to buy (at a discount) – we’re here to facilitate that. But, who are the people that could make the most use of this?

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Finding tripchi

If you’re anything like me, time in the airport for travel ranges from frustrating to boring and is usually defined by “When can I get this over with?” The delays are long, you never know where anything is, and if there is anything to eat that is not a chain restaurant, it is invariably on the other side of the airport or some other terminal.

For most of us, travel is a chore. Whether we take short flights or long ones, our time spent at the airport is almost always boring and we are left to twiddle our thumbs during delays while great dining, shopping, and recreation options are a quick walk away. Phoenix, Logan, Reagan, Kennedy, O’Hare, and Heathrow for example all have great choices of things to do and most can be done is less than a hour.
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