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A New Southwest Airlines

As many of you may have noticed Southwest Airlines has debuted their new livery colors in an effort to launch a re-branding. Southwest which was established in 1971 has risen from a lowly inter Texas carrier to a domestic giant serving 93 destinations in 40 states. The airline operates more than 3,600 flights a day, transporting more than 100 million customers a year with the help of 45,000 employees. While other airlines have suffered bankruptcies and layoffs, Southwest has remained profitable for 41 consecutive years, which is remarkable considering the recent economic downturn other airlines failed to handle. With the near completion of the Airtran integration there was a need for a new look to reinvigorate the passengers and the workforce. I have to say I enjoy the paint scheme and am excited to see what Southwest has in store for the future.

Southwest side logo

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Greater Boston Women in Leadership Symposium – “A Day of Excellence through Leadership”

Panel hosted by Sheryl Chamberlain, EMCToday I had the honor of being part of the Greater Boston Women in Leadership Symposium – “A Day of Excellence through Leadership” sponsored by the New England Diversity Council. This is an annual event which brings together a diverse mix of successful women leaders who discuss topics pertinent to today’s workforce in order to educate, inspire, and encourage attendees to reflect they strive to advance within their organizations. The panels were moderated by two very inspiring intrapreneurs and role-models, Sheryl Chamberlain and Stacey Schaeffer, both from EMC Corporation, a Boston-based Fortune 200 company focused on B2B information technology as a service (ITaaS) enablement.

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“Breaking Bad” Epitomizes the Startup Journey

Breaking Bad Logo

“Breaking Bad” Logo Courtesy of AMC

With the season finale of “Breaking Bad” coming up, I’ve been doing a bit of thinking around the show premise, and how similar the plot line is to the development of a startup.

The same problems that happen to Walt Enterprises in the show happen to all founders when trying to build a company. Product. Team. Partners. Price. Distribution. Investors. You name it, they’ve faced it.

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