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Winter Weather and Cancelled Flights

As winter sinks its teeth into the Midwest and the Northeast of the United States, cancellations and delays become a big issue for airports, airlines and passengers alike. Airlines have taken a much more proactive approach to winter storms in recent years. Previously many airlines would wait and see how bad a storm is before they would cancel flights, leaving many passengers stranded in transit. While this scenario still occurs, airlines tend to like to cancel their flights early enough so they can manage the situation better and avoid those costly fines for imposed by the FAA for flights being on the tarmac for 3 hrs or more. This policy can be good for both sides; the airlines can get a handle on the storm early and manage its cancellations, issue you travel vouchers and re-book passengers from those cancelled flights. While the passenger gets a heads up and can be proactive about getting on another flight. Make no mistake though cancellations due to weather cost the airlines and the passengers a lot of money.

winter airport

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The Periodic Table of… Airlines?

Are you an aviation nerd? Or maybe just a nerd who lives to travel?

Then you’re going to love this new mashup – the beloved Periodic Tables of Elements and airline reviews.

eDreams has done the hard part of racking and stacking the world’s airlines and displaying them into cute infographic – embedded in the Period Table of Elements.

eDreams Periodic Table of Airlines

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