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The Future of Aircraft WiFi with Alex from Altitude Connect

@Altitude-Alex (2)This week tripchi is excited to speak with our friend Alex at Altitude Connect. Altitude Connect specializes in the use of leading technologies, insightful innovations, meaningful products and inspired services that empower people to be entertained and productive in-flight. They are all about promoting in-flight connectivity and all the fun ways to share it. Alex is one of Altitude Connects most vital team members and we wanted to pick her brain about the latest advances in airport and in-flight connectivity. As a frequent traveler Alex can often be found tweeting about the clouds on flights with connectivity. She can be reached on twitter at @Altitude_Alex or at info@connectied-altitude.com. Enjoy!

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Flight Safety Videos Get Funny

Not only are we entering the age of Airport 2.0, where airports are improving (at least in terms of food and retail concepts), now in-flight safety videos (you know, those ones you HAVE to watch with your undivided attention prior to take-off) are also improving.

Namely, they are getting funny.  Airline marketers are finally realizing that the best way to sell boring content is to make it interesting (read: not boring).

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