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Richmond Airport Review

I recently flew from Boston to Richmond and back on JetBlue and was excited about the trip for a number of reasons. I had never flown into Richmond International Airport but I had heard very good things about the layout, stores, accessibility and quick security. Richmond to me feels like the beginning of the South. People seem friendlier than in Baltimore or DC and the accents start to get a little thicker.

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JetBlue Mints New Premium Class

On June 15th JetBlue proudly launched Mint, their attack on premium¬†class seating. When JetBlue announced over a year ago that they would be entering into the premium seating market, I eagerly awaited what they¬†would roll out. I have been a fan of JetBlue because of their low fares out my home base Boston, the best on-board US domestic product and generally proper treatment of pax (minus points for the young girl forced to urinate in her seat recently). To date, JetBlue have focuses mainly on serving the more price concise flying public with an economy and the “even more space” offering, which will get you slightly more leg room for an additional cost. The Mint product will mark their first effort to capture business class revenue, that previously had gone to the larger carriers.

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