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iBeacon’s Improve Pax Experience in 2015

As we leave 2014 in the dust, its time to look ahead to whats on tap for 2015 in terms of¬†airport tech. As I previously discussed in my Bluetooth tech blog, iBeacons have already started to enter some airports. This is a big deal because now airports and app’s like tripchi can easily connect with passengers that have¬†Bluetooth enabled smartphones. With the vast amount of the traveling public, especially business travelers being smartphone and tech savvy, converting these passengers into revenue is a high priority for the airports.


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Passport Kiosks Employed by US Airports to Decrease Wait Times

Have you ever returned from a long business trip or gone on holiday to a tropical paradise and been greeted with a massive line at customs? All you want to do is grab your bags and be on your way. We all wish it could be that simple but in the US and many other countries clearing customs can be a tedious and stressful situation.

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