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MashHacks Travel Hackathon at Hack/Reduce in Cambridge

Last Saturday tripchi (aka Chandra Jacobs, me, the author) participated in a Mashable Hackathon at Hack/Reduce near Kendall Square, in her hometown of Cambridge, MA. The theme of the #MashHacks Travel hackathon was right up my ally – mobile travel technology! The sponsors of the event, Emirates Airlines and Mashable, were offering up a round-trip ticket to Dubai (via the Dubai International Airport, no doubt!) for each member of the winning team, with several cash prizes offered for the runners up.

Chandra poses with her Travel Saved My Life Branded tripchi shirt at MashHacks Travel Hackathon

From Mashable’s Picture Gallery – you gotta love that I’m wearing my branded “Travel Saved My Life” tripchi t-shirt from my Indiegogo campaign at the MashHacks Travel Hackathon

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