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Nashville Airport Review

Nashville, Tennessee is frequently referred to as the music city and for good reason. When you walk up and down Broadway more commonly known as “The Strip” in downtown Nashville you can’t help but take in the many country artists singing their heart out in every bar and restaurant. You can hear the desire to make it big in many of the songs. If you want to be big in country music, Nashville is the place. You have to get there first and most likely it will be by flying into Nashville International Airport or BNA.

bna downtown

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Icelandair AMS-KEF Review

Today’s Icelandair AMS-KEF review comes from Nelleke Van der Voort. It’s a two part review since she actually flew from REK-KEF-DEN, with the second installment coming next week.

Nelleke is a Technical IT Director at Travelport, where she works with tripchi CEO CJ. We both work on the Universal API product.

Here’s Nelleke!

Nelleke van der Voort

Nelleke van der Voort

With more than 20 years of development and consulting experience in Travel Industry related IT, Nelleke brings expertise with international, high availability and high performing systems.

Nelleke has successfully delivered projects from small to very large on Mainframe, Windows and Java platforms.

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5 Most Delayed US Airports During Summer

Everybody loves to travel in the Summertime and it’s no secret that ticket prices are high in the summer. The simple rule of supply and demand will tell you to buy early because summertime demand for air travel is extremely high, especially in the US. Last week I focused on the busiest airports during summer and know I am going to focus in on the most delayed. While many in the top five won’t shock you, I was very surprised not to see ATL. Every time I have traveled through Atlanta in the summer I am always delayed due to weather, most of time because of thunderstorms. It is a testament to the work the ATC do down at ATL that even with bad summer storms the world’s busiest airport avoids delays. The following rankings came from measured from 2005-2014 and reflect the on-time percentages of the flights at each airport.

summer travel


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5 Busiest Airports for July 4th Travel

It is here once again, the great day of July 4th. The celebration of Americas gained freedom from the grip of the British. It is my favorite holiday by far. For those of you outside the US and unfamiliar with the 4th of July it mostly involves enjoying the outdoors whether it be at a beach or lake, lots of barbecuing capped off by fireworks. You will usually be surrounded by family, friends and plenty of adult beverages. This year I will be splitting my time between the beach and a lake with driving in between, but for many their plans involve flying. The 4th traditionally begins the summer travel season where airports are packed to the gills. Today I wanted to list out the 5 busiest airports in the US for the July 4th travel day as according to

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Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Review

Cleveland has a reputation for being a bit of rough and tumble city. It is sometimes referred to as the “Mistake on the Lake” referring to when Lake Eire was set ablaze. Needless to say, I didn’t have a lot of hope for their airport. This was before I spent the weekend there. I found the downtown to be modern, the Rock n Roll hall of fame engaging, the food great and the people friendly. Sure there is plenty of run down and poor areas but you will find that in any city. In my opinion, Cleveland gets a raw deal, but enough about that let’s get to the airport.


The Facts

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is a city owned airport located nine miles southwest of the central business district of Cleveland. The airport lies just within the city limits of Cleveland. It is the largest airport in the state of Ohio and a focus city for Frontier Airlines. About 7.5 million passengers pass through the airport each year and the most popular route is to O’Hare. You can access the airport by Cleveland Rapid Transit Systems red line for $2.25 one way. It is a three runway airport with 4 concourse A, B, C, and D. It is served by 13 airlines but has slowly been losing air service since 1999. Concourse D was built in 1999 for the price of $80 million but now sits vacant as United reduced its service and migrated their gates to C concourse. There is potential for much more service and there are talks of British Airways beginning service via on a 787 to London Heathrow.


The Terminalcle kiosk

Driving up to the main terminal was a breeze but midday on Sunday the drop off area was crowded. We jumped out while the car was still rolling and made our way into the departures terminal. The first thing I noticed was all the construction. Frankly it looked terrible, scaffolding, white wooden boards coved the support beams, it looked more like a construction site rather than an airport. We made our way to the Spirit kiosks which were down the end of the terminal. You know Spirit isn’t going to pay for placement. We got our boarding passes and headed to security. The security line was short and I was hoping to fly through. Not today my friends, not today. This was the shortest and slowest security line of all time. When I got past the TSA ID agent there was maybe 7 people ahead of me. It took 15 minutes to get through. That might not seem like much, but it’s a lifetime when the people in front of you have no idea what they are doing. Either way not a good start.

cle construct

The Arrival Area

We were taking off from Concourse A and I was hoping it would be better that than the arrival area. My first impressions were not great. The gates were close together and there wasn’t a ton of options for food and drink. I heard there are better options in B and C concourse. There were winners Sports Bar and Grill which I got a hot dog at and it ok. There also was a Sammy Haggar Bar which was packed, which I appreciated there also was your standard Hudson News and Starbucks for your caffeine drip. One cool feature about Cleveland Hopkins is the guitars all over the airport, paying homage to the rock roots of Cleveland. The guitars all have different designs and are spread out through each concourse. Our gate was A7 and was fairly tight if you walked to the end of the terminal there were more gates mostly occupied by Frontier. I have noticed over the last few years Frontier passengers are always complaining, probably cause Frontier cancels lots of flights now. They have to jump on the Spirit train and know what to expect for their low ticket prices.

cle guitar

Final Thoughts

My experience at Cleveland Hopkins was so-so. My feeling is without the construction and a better security experience I would have felt more positive about the airport. Hopefully next time I will get to experience concourse B and C and maybe D if it ever opens back up. This time I am going to have to give it a B-. Hopefully the construction improves the overall feel. As always use the tripchi app when traveling to CLE. Travel On!


Airport Review: RDU

Like I mentioned last week I speak some time down south in Raleigh, North Carolina for a wedding on Lake George if anyone out there has heard of it. First I focused on the on the flying and airline aspect, for this week I will apply the tripchi magnifying glass to the airport. This was my second time to RDU and let’s just say the first time wasn’t the best, but it was no fault of RDU. I was flying RDU-BWI on Southwest out of Terminal 1 and was about to board the plane when the PA cracked and the terminal was informed BWI ATC tower had ben struck by lightning and all flights we being diverted. Our flight was delayed 4hrs. So I was hopeful this time would be different.

terminal rdu

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Trip Report: Regional Flying to RDU

Flying regionally in the US can be a grind. Many 50 seater regional jets have gone the way of the dodo because they are tough to turn a profit on. Bombardier CRJ’s and Embraer E145’s are some of the smallest regional aircraft in the US market today. My latest trip to RDU allowed me to experience both. My first leg was on an Embraer E190 and E145 respectively. Let’s take a look at how it all went.


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Qatar Airways Comes to Boston

I have written numerous times about Boston Logan International Airport and their many international route additions within the last three years. Logan is my hometown airport, so I am slightly biases and very pleased they are expanding. They really do deserve credit for bringing in airlines from all over the world. With the economic boom occurring in the Gulf State region of world, it’s no wonder Logan has gone after airlines located in the area. First came Emirates which I have written about previously and now Qatar Airways. The management of Logan should be commended enticing two major Gulf States airlines to fly to Boston. Granted all three airlines Emirates, Qatar and Etihad are expanding like crazy but you know Logan had to make some concession to bring in Qatar.

Qatar airways

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Top 5 Annoying Airline Seatmates

Flying today can be a stressful endeavor and a good seatmate when you are flying solo is a crucial and horribly random. We have all been on a flight where our seatmate has severely put a damper on our experience. In the age of less seat pitch and decrease seat width, having an unruly seatmate can spell disaster for a long flight. Some common unwanted seatmates are the “Stinker” a less than glamorous smelling human or the “boozer” who drinks four mixed drinks in an hour and half tells you all of his family issues and uses you as a crutch to help him off the aircraft. As more airlines cram more passengers into smaller spaces with fewer amenities, more passengers have to grit their teeth to be polite. Read more

Eastern Air Lines Revitalized

Everybody, especially Americans love a comeback story. Sometimes though the comeback is short sighted and doesn’t pan our how your planned, just look at Lance Armstrong. In the airline business there has been no shortage of re-cooked airlines. The latest attempt was from People Express. That lasted a few short months due to poor planning and an unfortunate accident involving one of their aircraft, which they couldn’t replace causing cancelled flights. They were never able to recover after that. Now Eastern Air Lines is throwing their hat back into the ring and plans to launch charter flights from Miami to Washington DC. The airlines plans to begin offering charter flights between Miami and destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America beginning in spring 2015, with scheduled operations beginning in 2016.

eastern-2nd-737-800-wl-easternlr (1)

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