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Qatar Airways Comes to Boston

I have written numerous times about Boston Logan International Airport and their many international route additions within the last three years. Logan is my hometown airport, so I am slightly biases and very pleased they are expanding. They really do deserve credit for bringing in airlines from all over the world. With the economic boom occurring in the Gulf State region of world, it’s no wonder Logan has gone after airlines located in the area. First came Emirates which I have written about previously and now Qatar Airways. The management of Logan should be commended enticing two major Gulf States airlines to fly to Boston. Granted all three airlines Emirates, Qatar and Etihad are expanding like crazy but you know Logan had to make some concession to bring in Qatar.

Qatar airways

The move to fly to Boston is all part of Qatar Airways next phase of its USA route development with the introduction of three new passenger routes to Los Angeles, Boston and Atlanta. With these new destinations, Qatar Airways will offer daily nonstop services to all 10 of the largest metropolitan areas of the United States.qatarairways

The first route to kick off will be LA. Effective January 1, 2016, Qatar Airways will commence daily flights to Los Angeles, California with the airline’s flagship Boeing 777 aircraft, which features a two-class cabin with 42 Business Class fully lie-flat seats in a 2-2-2 configuration.


From March 16, 2016, the airline will launch daily flights to Boston and will operate its latest A350-900 XWB in a two-class configuration with 36 Business Class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, featuring an 80” fully flat bed and 17” HD in-flight entertainment screen. I am excited to see the A350 come to Boston and would love to fly on. It’s great to see the latest and greatest long haul aircraft like the 777-ER, 787 and now the A350 flying out of Boston. It’s amazing to see how the 2-Engine long haul aircraft are displacing the larger 747 and A380. It makes more economical sense to fill all the seats on a 300+ person aircraft with extremely efficient engines, than to almost fill a 400+ person aircraft that is a fuel hog. Although I would love to see Emirates bring their A380 to Boston.

While I am excited to see Qatar come to Boston, this will sure add some more fuel to the fire in the ongoing battle between the US Carriers and the Gulf State carriers. The continuous expansion into the US market is expected to trigger more backlash from U.S. airlines that accuse Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad Airways of competing unfairly through more than $40 billion in subsidies from their home governments in the last decade, allowing them to drive down ticket prices and begin pushing competitors out of key markets.


I am slightly split on this topic. As a consumer, I love that I will be able to fly to Doha for $600 bucks one way. I can see how the US carriers could be angry at the Gulf Airlines encroaching on their territory. They are accusing the Emirates, Ethiad and Qatar of being government subsidized airlines who don’t have to compete on the same economic playing field. They can offer cheaper tickets because they don’t have shareholders to answer to. At a time when airlines are making profits it’s hard to hear airlines complaining about unfairness but they might have a point. Both way Qatar is coming to Boston and it’s exciting. Again if you are traveling through Logan make sure to use the tripchi app for all your airport fun. Travel On!

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