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Did you have an airport 4th of July?

Now the that long weekend in the U.S. is over, the fireworks celebrations all in the rear-view mirror, and all our getaway travel at an end, we thought we’d check in on how American airports celebrated (or didn’t) Independence Day. Welcome to the airport 4th of July.

The Airport 4th of July

While there were probably a lot of great airport 4th of July celebrations plan, most either got overtaken or went unnoticed by the shadow of hurricane Arthur. If you had the misfortune of being at an East Coast airport over this past weekend, then you probably know what I mean. It was a train wreck. Delays, cancellations, long layovers galore. The plus side is that maybe you got to watch some fireworks go off either when you were taking off/landing, or from the vantage point of the airport/runway?

Boston 4th of July Fireworks (on the 3rd)
Boston Fireworks (on the 3rd) – maybe you saw this from the sky for your airport 4th of July

In fact, many of the smaller, regional airports had their very own airport 4th of July celebrations including fireworks, food, and festivities. If you were in Land O’ Lakes Wisconsin, then maybe you caught the fireworks at the Land O’ Lakes airport? If you had flown through CLT then maybe you saw the preparations and advertisements for their Patriotic Art contest, which is coming in Winter 2014 (but sadly not in time for the airport 4th of July).

But most of us were stuck at larger airport, that generally seemed overwhelmed by Hurricane Arthur delays and in no real mood to celebrate anything (and probably neither were you, due to all the frustrations that come with flights delays and cancellations). That said, if you celebrated an airport 4th of July – perhaps it wouldn’t have been an ideal moment to open up your tripchi app and make the best of it? 😉

Where Were You for Your Airport 4th of July?

Were you in any of the following busiest airports for your airport 4th of July weekend (thanks Hopper and NBCNews)?

Hopper - Airport 4th of July
Hopper – Airport 4th of July
  1. Las Vegas (LAS) – some delays for flights to the East Coast
  2. Los Angeles (LAX) – some delays for flights to the East Coast
  3. Atlanta (ATL) – severe weather delays
  4. Chicago (ORD) – some weather delays
  5. Denver (DEN) – tripchi was spending Jul 3 trying to LEAVE DEN and get back in to BOS (only was delayed 30 minutes)
  6. Newark (EWR) – severe weather delays
  7. New York (LGA) – severe weather delays Airport delays in NYC - 4th of July
  8. Orlando (MCO) – severe weather delays
  9. San Francisco (SFO) – some delays for flights to the East Coast
  10. Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) – some delays for flights to the East Coast
  11. New York (JFK) – severe weather delays
  12. Boston (BOS) – severe weather delays
  13. Seattle (SEA) – some delays for flights to the East Coast
  14. Baltimore/Washington, DC (BWI) – severe weather delays
  15. Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – severe weather delays
  16. Minneapolis (MSP) – some delays for flights to the East Coast
  17. Detroit (DET) – some delays for flights to the East Coast
  18. Tampa (TPA) – severe weather delays
  19. Philadelphia (PHL) – severe weather delays
  20. Phoenix (PHX) – some delays for flights to the East Coast

Here’s what you had to say about some of these airport 4th of July visits:

United Random things to do at an airport - 4th of July

And thank you IAD for wishing us all a happy airport 4th of July!
IAD Airport 4th of July

The best advice we heard for surviving the airport 4th of July?

“Don’t put fireworks in your carry-on or checked baggage.” Thanks TSA. And, DUH.

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