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Airport Bars for Summer

Now that the heat of summer has hit, the tripchi airport app blog can help you stay cool (and hydrated) while at the airport. Take it from me, one of the best things you can do at the airport is to find an interesting watering hole (aka airport bar) and strike up a conversation with your neighbor (most are game). Not only are there some great airport bars out there (that you probably never knew about if it wasn’t to our tripchi airport app!), you also can take advantage of your airport time by meeting other similarly minded jetsetting, travel-loving, technophile interesting individuals!

Here’s our top 5 airport bars, just in time for summer.

  1. At the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (MSP)? Then check out Ike’s airport bar, which serves  their ‘weekender’ Bloody Mary from Ike’s on Sixth.  It has been reviewed by tripchi fan(atic) @SlickNickRicky, who actually writes a Bloody Mary review blog, and this one rates at the top. You can also read more about his last visit to MSP here on the tripchi airport app blog.
    Ike's airport bar at MSP
    Ike’s airport bar at MSP
  2. At Hononlulu International Airport (HNL)? Then going to the Kona Pub & Brewery airport bar is a must. Kona partnered with Widmer and RedHook to produce all of the Kona beer for the rest of the world, except for the Islands of Hawaii. So this is only 1 of 3 places in the WORLD that you can get real Kona beer out of a keg. If available get the Koko Brown on tap and a Cuban Sandwich. This scene at this airport bar is also has great people watching (verified).
  3. Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) – visit the First in Flight airport bar and Hissho Sushi bar in the center of the main Atrium, and enjoy an occasional piano tune from the REAL PIANO neabry. Also enjoy the various plane mobile art above your head (just look up), and take in a great view of the runway. You can read more about things to do at CLT on the tripchi airport app blog here.
    CLT Airport Hissho Sushi
    CLT Airport Hissho Sushi – a great airport bar!
  4. If you’re a smoker and you miss the days of being able to smoke in airport bars, then check out the Budweiser Brewhouse & Smoking Lounge next time you’re in Atlanta. This place has a separate room upstairs for smokers so you can drink and smoke like you’re at a regular bar (and don’t have to go outside). If you’re a non-smoker, don’t worry – there’s a large designated non-smoker’s area downstairs. It’s not that special when it comes to food/drink, but if you’re traveling with a smoker who’s just gotten in on a red-eye, it’s a godsend.
  5. Love pizza? Love vino? Love Dallas? Then you’re in good shape, because there’s a great pizza & wine airport bar called Pizza Vino upstairs in Terminal D at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. It’s a little hidden since you have to go upstairs, and you’ll be tempted by a few other enticing options downstairs – but don’t be fooled by the Irish Pub and the steakhouse – Pizza Vino is better!

That should keep you cool and occupied during the often frustrating summer travel season, when wait times tend to increase at the airport.


We’ll try to do another roundup during the fall of YOUR favorite airport bars, so send them in to contact (at), leave a comment below, or tweet them to @tripchi to get featured.

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