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Delta Safety Video – Find the Meme

A couple weeks ago, I flew Delta for the first time in several years; not only was I pleasantly surprised by the flight experience end to end, but I also had an opportunity to preview their new in-flight Delta safety video. Take a look at the flight review here.

The Delta safety video was not only overtly hilarious, but also scandalously subtle. I found myself *literally* laughing out loud at many points in the Delta safety video. The passengers around me weren’t laughing, so I couldn’t tell if they either weren’t watching it, or just didn’t have a sense of humor.

I later found out that this wasn’t the *only* Delta safety video that Delta produced. In fact, there’s another version on the internet titled “The Internetest safety video on the Internet,” hinting at 22 internet-themed memes throughout the course of the video.

Have a look at the Delta safety video and decided for yourself:

Now that you’ve seen the Delta safety video, could you identify all the humorous elements?

Let me break it down for you (care of Delta’s Youtube video post).

  1. 0:03 Keyboard Cat. Still hilarious. Anything with a cat does well on the inter-webs.
  2. 0:18 Double Rainbow Guy. I actually never knew about this meme – I thought it was just someone at Delta going on an acid trip.
  3. 0:26 Annoying Orange. I also would feel demeaned if I was put under the seat in front of me (apologies to my cat).
  4. 0:30 Roomba Cat. Hopefully this means the floors of the Delta cabin will be clearner.
  5. 0:45 Rahat’s Prank. Fool me once (it did).
  6. 1:05 Evolution of Dance. Slow and low, that is the temp.
  7. 1:25 Slow Mo Guy. Gives new meaning to the phrase Jello Shot.
  8. 1:43 Harlem Shake. I would love to be given the order by Delta flight attendants or the pilot to Harlem shake it, shake it, shake it.
  9. 1:51 Deltalina. I didn’t get this one.
  10. 1:52 Screaming Goat. Just annoying.
  11. 2:02 Internet Browser. Can someone explain this one to me?
  12. 2:23 Peanut Butter Jelly Time. Remember those cheesy animated GIFs that were all over the internet in the 1990s? Yes!
  13. 2:31 Dramatic Chipmunk. Think groundhog day combined with “Airplane.”
  14. 2:48 Charlie Bit My Finger. Did you ever wonder what these boys look like today? I don’t – but in case you do, here you go.
  15. 3:23 Clicking Finger. LOL. I guess this guy doesn’t have opposable thumbs.
  16. 3:51 Overly Attached Girlfriend. They should have let this awkward go on longer a la Family Guy.
  17. 4:02 Ice Bucket Challenge. I’m so over this one already haha.
  18. 4:09 Dancing Baby. Never really was “in to” this one.
  19. 4:15 Hamsters Eating Burritos. Because, I mean, why not?
  20. 4:25 Nyan Cat. I had never seen this one before!
  21. 4:32 Doge. Awwww!
  22. 4:48 Mentos & Coke. Love it.
  23. 4:57 Roomba Cat remixed.

Then, for your continued Delta safety video viewing pleasure, Delta remixed several of these memes in to 30 second seconds

What’s so great about the series of new Delta safety video is that they appeals not only to the new-to-flying passenger but also to the seasoned jetsetter, who is so jaded and immune to actually paying attention to in-flight safety videos, that only something catchy will grab his or her attention. The meme-filled Delta safety video does just that. It not only takes in-flight safety videos to another level, but also shows that Delta is one airline that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that a little levity never hurt aviation. Bravo Delta.

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