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Some of our favorite #layovertips

The tripchi airport app team have a few hashtags on Twitter that we participate in – namely #namethatairport and #layovertip. They are games our tripchi community plays whenever we’re at an airport. For #namethatairport, take a non-obvious airport picture, tweet it out with the hashtag, and let others try to guess! For #layovertip, share your knowledge and tips to our tripchi airport app community around any airport in the world.

For today’s blog, we searched high and low for the best and non-obvious #layovertips out there on the twittersphere. For your enjoyment, we’ve rolled them up here. Some #layovertips were submitted by members of the tripchi team, but many of them came from you!

This #layovertip came to us from a flight attendant who knows what to do with a few hours to kill in Washington, DC!


If you’re flying out of TOronto Pearson International Airport, then this #layovertip is for you. Frank says that you’ll love the FREE COOKIES in the Porter Airlines lounge. And in case you were wondering, they are shortbread chocolate chip. Yum!


Another #layovertip came to us all the way from Ethiopia, advising us on how best to take a nap at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa.#layovertip

Napping at airports not your #layovertip shtick? How about Bloody Marys and Mimosas at Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport? Yes, please! Thanks @SlickNickRicky 🙂#layovertip

And of course we couldn’t resist to add a few #layovertips of our own – I recently flew out of LAX and while their is usually not much that’s redeeming there, I did get to try an awesome breakfast burrito at Loteria Grill. So I decided to share a delish #layovertip with you. You’ll thank me next time you’re in LA.


This next one is just plain hilarious – and creative. Sarah decided to use an app to make ridiculously ugly selfie pictures. Love the uni-brow and double-chin. This one wins the award for the most original #layovertip.#layovertip

And brown-noser brownie points go out to @slicknickricky again, who was able to weave together two of our favorite hashtags!#layovertip Finally, one of my personal favorite #layovertips that I was morally obligated to re-share – especially for those of you who have never eaten at an In n’ Out Burger (oh, the shame!). If you have more than 4 hours to kill at Los Angeles International Airport (and as I mentioned before there’s nothing else to do there) – take this Parking shuttle to the In n’ Out Burger that’s located just outside the airport. You”ll be glad you did – best fast food burger in the US, no lies.#layovertipJoin in the fun with us! Next time you’re at an airport, send us your best #layovertip. If you do, we’ll enter you in a drawing for a tripchi iPhone case.

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  1. […] This month’s featured post is a roll-up of all our favorite #layovertips for the month of August. We seeded the hashtag to get the ball rolling, and then kept tally of the most favorited and most re-tweeted #layovertips that our tripchi community came up with. I personally was wowed by a spectacular burrito at LAX, and then also had the revelation that you can use the Airport Parking shuttle to get a free trip to In n’Out Burger outside the airport. Some of our readers found ingenious ways to kill time – like taking fugly selfies, finding Mimosas and Bloody Marys in MSP, or popping in to the National Zoo from IAD. […]

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