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Holiday Flying Freebies

We all know flying during the holiday season can be an extremely stressful time of year. Long lines at the check in and security; plus packed terminal hallways, traveling becomes a grueling test of nerves and patience. Airlines and airports are well aware of this fact. As a way to spread some Christmas cheers and mitigate the stress of holiday travel, they give away drinks, prizes and wrap presents for FREE!!

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Free Gift Wrapping At Sea-Tac

Done all your shopping but no time to wrap? Or have your wrapped all your presents but that grumpy TSA agent demanded you unwrap those present or else. Well, Seattle Tacoma Airport has your back. For the second year in a row Sea-Tac is offering up a free gift wrapping station inside the central terminal after security. The wrappers are volunteers from the USO Northwest and the Port of Seattle paid for the wrapping paper. Passengers are encouraged to make a donation to the USO. The station is open from 6am-2:30pm thru December 24th and is sure to be busy as Sea-Tac is expecting 110k passengers during the holiday season.

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A Very WestJet Christmas

Some very lucky passengers got their holiday wishes granted as the jetted across Canada. In November WestJet invited passengers who were flying from Ontario to Calgary to scan their boarding passes and talk with a virtual Santa who asked them what they wanted for Xmas. Hidden cameras caught their reactions and wishes. While the plane was in the air 150 “Merry WestJetters” acted as Santa’s helpers and set out to grab all the presents on the passengers wish list. As the passengers disembarked, the WestJet employees disturbed the gifts. One woman even shed a tear as she got the digital camera she asked for. Check out the video below to see WestJet’s holiday spirit in action.

Denver International Holiday Giveaway

If you are traveling through Denver International Airport over this holiday season and make a meal or gift purchase be sure to keep not to throw away your receipt. The airport will be giving away 100k free gifts to pax who spent $20 or more at any single or combined retailer or restaurant. To claim gifts you must visit any of the giant gift boxes located throughout the airport. At the gift box you exchange your receipt for your prize. Many of the prizes are from concessionaires right at the airport, so you might win cookies and coffee, a massage, clothing, toys or a travel-related gadget. So make sure you get your drink on while in Denver. Read more about this promotion on Chandra’s blog.

Denver Airport Gift Promotion - Terminal C
Denver Airport Gift Promotion – Terminal C

Drink Up on Southwest

A well-known secret is that Southwest gives out free drinks on selected holidays. Usually these holidays will be listed in the drink menu depending on the quarter. So if you are flying on Southwest on New Years day be sure to order that first drink with no intention of paying. The stewardess might not bring attention to it being free but we rest assured it will be.


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