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Jul 2016 tripchi airport app #traveltips

cropped-tripchi-copy_blog.jpgtripchi airport app newsletter – July 2016 #traveltips edition

Since last newsletter, we’ve been busy covering some of the latest #traveltips headlines in the travel industry – from US airlines vying for slots in Cuban airports, to full coverage of how TSA security lines got so bad (and what you can do about it).  So, we’ve decided to roll-up some of our latest and greatest #traveltips for your travel hacking pleasure this go round. And, you can read about even more summer travel happenings in our blog recap section at the bottom of this newsletter, which cover the following tops in even more detail.

  1. Summer travel forecast shows cheaper fares ahead. There are several market condition afoot that are leading to below average fares for the traveler, explained here. Nearly all carriers slashed prices for 4th of July airfare sales last week, and you have a few more days to take advantage. We’ve seen promo fares for flights in August/September 2016 as low as $29 (thanks Frontier Airlines!). #traveltips
  2. Beat the rush at Airport Security. With cheaper than ever fares, more people will be traveling this year. That means more crowds at the airport and longer lines at airport security. Luckily, we’ve rolled up the best #traveltips on beating those dreaded TSA lines here, so that you can spend more time taking in our #layovertips post-security. Keep calm and tripchi on.
  3. Start planning your trip to Cuba from the US. Yes, seriously! As early as the fall, US airlines will start flying routes to Cuba (Havana, as well as smaller markets on the island nation). In May 2016, a deal was announced between the US and Cuba to open up 110 flights to Cuba on U.S. airlines. We have 9 airlines on our list so far and counting. Start making your travel plans to Cuba this winter now (even though you can’t quite book your travel on the US airlines yet).

You will be thanking us for these #traveltips later 🙂

SNA #traveltips

Airport of the month Club. This month’s airport of the month is John Wayne International Airport (SNA) in Santa Ana, California. We recommend flying through SNA whenever possible (#traveltips) to avoid LAX (which we covered as the featured airport in our last newsletter). SNA is new, clean, convenient, upscale, and fun…while LAX is, well, LAX. There’s plenty of locally-themed dining to be had at SNA, from surf shack Hobie’s (try the fish tacos!) to the Anaheim Ducks Breakaway Bar & Grill (the lettuce wraps were a lot better than they sounded!) to posher options like Javi’s (which claims to “Award Winning” airport dining). While shopping still leaves a little to be desired, there are plenty of other way to kill time, such as viewing the airport art (look up!) and Anaheim Angels display cases, SNA is now available for your to start using here on the tripchi airport app.

If you’re looking for a #layovertip or dining or shopping options during that long(er) layover, of course you can bring up the tripchi airport app and find a listing of what’s around you based on your flight time andthe Concourse you’re leaving from. If you’re passing through any of the airports we cover, we’d love to get your feedback! Find these tips and more on the tripchi airport app.

New to the tripchi airport app community? tripchi is your passport to explore the airport. We roll up dining and shopping options, charging stations, as well as airport art, airport secrets and #layovertips. And, you can browse lounges, find special deals and offers, and track your flight information. It’s now available on the Android through this direct download (click here), and will be on the Google Play store soon. For all you iPhone users out there, our plan is to roll the tripchi airport app out on the iTunes store next.

We’re currently looking for feedback on the Android app (send us an email at

How can you help?

  1. In the aviation industry? Pass your airport connections our way? We are looking at running a limited trial to prove that we can help not only airport guests, but also airports.
  2. Flying soon? We need your help to source more and better airport content. If you’d like to write for us or contribute your airport findings, shoot us an email:

Read on for the monthly blog highlights!

TSA Hacks - beat the security line with these #traveltips
TSA Hacks – beat the security line with these #traveltips
TSA Hacks #traveltips – beat the line at airport security. We gave you some hints in the first paragraphs of our newsletter above, but there’s a lot more you can do to beat airport security (or at least not let it beat you). In this blog, we examine some of the business drivers causing the delays, and then provide actionable advice on what you can do about it. Read more here.
Airline Fare Wars - #traveltips
Airline fare wars. Fares are still at a historical low, with fuel prices and airline fare wars creating better prices and market conditions for the consumer. Competition in aviation, as in any business, always ends up benefiting the consumer by driving down fares. Conversely, airlines are reporting record profits in this unusual win-win economic situation. This blog explores the business and economic reasons for this year’s round of airline fare wars in the North American market and the #traveltips that benefit you. Read more here.
SNA #traveltips
SNA #traveltips
SNA Airport Review. As we’re starting to get the hang of this small, upgraded, easy to navigate, not crowded regional airport, we wanted to share our SNA #layovertips and airport hacks with our tripchi airport app readers. The John Wayne Airport website leaves a little to be desired as far as design goes, but the airport authority at least have done a good job organizing the data. You can easily navigate to Airport Maps, Shopping, and Dining to check out the up to date passenger service offerings, or of course visit our tripchi airport app for all the content at your fingertips. Read more here.

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