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Keep calm and travel on through the Winter with our airport app

tripchi airport app newsletter, Feb 2015, Winter Freeze Edition

Brrr. Tired or shoveling snow? Maybe it’s time to take that Winter getaway somewhere warm. Because, the only thing that should ever be in a deep freeze is a deep-fried frozen Oreo (or Twinkie) – not you!

Wherever you end up traveling to escape the cold, take the tripchi airport app with you to get the party started right at the airport. We’ll tell you the dining and shopping options, as well as roll-up #layovertips, including airport art and other adventures you could have while you wait.

This month, we’ve added Denver International Airport (DEN) to our list of airports covered in our airport app. Next up? Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX).Shoot us a note if you’re in either DEN or PHX, because we’d love your feed feedback on the tripchi mobile website.

Company update: We finally incorporated as a Delaware-based C-Corp, and now as a Foreign Entity registered in Colorado. Drop us a line if you’re in Denver, drinks are on us! Now only if we got a tax refund…

How can you help? If you are in the airport or airport retail industry, can you pass your connections our way? We are looking for contacts at: DEN, PHX, IAD, DXB, AUS, SFO, and PIT, but we’ll take all leads as we are building out new airports rapidly.

Read on for the monthly blog highlights!


Winter weather and cancelled flights. As winter sinks its teeth into the Midwest, Mid Atlantic, and the Northeast of the United States, cancellations and delays become a big issue for airports, airlines and passengers alike. We have tips for you on how to brave the Winter travel storm and survive and thrive at the airport. Read more here.

PIT Airport - Southwest Airlines

Valentine’s Day at the Airport. Thanks to Harriet Baskas at USAToday (@StuckatAirport), we’ve been able to roll-up both airlines AND airports that have celebrated an airport Valentine’s Day this year. Did you have an airport Valentine’s Day? Read more here, and let us know your experience if you spent Feb 14th at the airport.


The Controversy Behind Norwegian Air Long Haul Flights. Norwegian Air Shuttle, to many North Americans, is a little known European Low Cost Carrier (LCC), that flies short-haul routes in Scandinavia and Europe. The airline started in 1993 as a regional carrier and in 2002 transitioned into a low cost carrier. There are some great deals to be had through Norwegian, but, as usual, there’s always a catch – we’ll tell you how to find them. Read more here.

tripchi airport app sneak peak

Airport Loyalty Programs. As airport loyalty programs continue to pop up at an airport near you, we wanted to look more closely at the key components that make airport loyalty programs successful. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences with airport loyalty programs – what’s worked and what doesn’t – and we’ll include our findings in next month’s newsletter. Read more here.

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