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Layover in Paris with #Layovertip

For today’s blog, tripchi caught up with LayoverinParis founders, Anna & Emmanuel, to learn about some #layovertips when our tripchi travelers have a layover in Paris.

Anna&EmmanuelAnna and Emmanuel are the two co-founders of Layover In Paris. As frequent flyers who are always on the lookout for new trips, they doesn’t mind spending 6 hours or more in airport stopovers, provided they will be able to go explore the nearest town! With Layover in Paris, they want to offer a simple and original way of enriching the experience of travelling.

LayoverinParis sounds like a great resource to figure out what we can do on a long layover in Paris, rather than just sitting at Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG)! Can you tell us more about this great #layovertip?

Hi Chandra, and thank you for this opportunity to share with your readers what can be done in Paris on a long layover!

Every day, thousands of travelers layover in Paris airports and don’t venture outside – even those with a long layover in Paris: 6 hours, 8 hours, even a night! They often have a lot of questions, which can prevent them from heading in to the city:

  • What can I do?
  • What is the best way to go to Paris?
  • Where can I store my luggage?
  • And, above all, how can I be sure to get back in time for my flight?

At, we are here to help them make the most of their layover. They can add a trip within a trip with our layover tours, designed to Paris travelers them the best of our city, Paris, including:

  • the Eiffel Tower
  • Notre-Dame
  • Montmartr
  • And yes, a welcome box filled with macaroons 🙂

During their tour, we will take care of everything: the luggage, the transportation, and watching the clock. We’ll do the worrying, so you can do the wandering!

What do you suggest for a “stay at the airport” layover in Paris? This would be a layover less than 4 hours or so.

With less than 4 hours, you won’t have enough time to get out of the airport. Luckily, Paris CDG is full of resources and there are so many things to do during this time! Shopping, obviously, in one of the Duty Free stores dedicated to the French art de vivre. But you can also treat yourself with a massage at the airport spa, Be Relax, or just enjoy the WiFi – free since the 1st of January!

What about 8 hours?

Let’s go for a Parisian day! With 8 hours, you can go to the Eiffel Tower and take a #layoverselfie for your Instagram before heading to the heart of the city, Notre-Dame. Mona Lisa and Le Louvre during your layover? Yes you can! And, if you book before your layover you can get a skip-the-line ticket. This is our most popular tour and a great #layovertip for tripchi travelers.

For me, the best way to go into the city is the train network, the RER B. It’s cheap (€10), fast (45mn) but above all, reliable – no traffic jams! At the end of your tour, don’t forget to stop for a coffee break. As Anthony Bourdain points out in his famous layover series, the goal is not to see everything, but to get the best experience!

What about an overnight layover at CDG?

Of course, you can stay at a hotel… or, you can use this fabulous opportunity to understand why we call Paris “The City of Light”. Start with the Eiffel Tower (Closed at 11PM) before heading to Montmartre for a night tour of “La Butte” and the Moulin Rouge. If it’s not Monday, you will always find good music there. And, if you want a (really, really) good cocktail, aim for the El Professore, 7 Rue de Choron.

Alternative: If you want to take a cab, Uber works very well in France – the price is set at €45 and you will escape the French taxi. 🙂

What one “airport tip” would you share with our readers about CDG?

Enjoy it! Paris CDG has always done well in the airport rankings, but recently it’s done a tremendous job reinventing itself again, and providing better amenities to its guests. Now, you will find that everyone speaks English, so your layover should be very easy! Just ask any of the helpers staffing information desks for help if you are in a jam.

A bientôt à Paris!

-Anna & Emmanuel

P.S. We encourage you to check out the website to book your next tour when you have time to kill on a long layover at CDG!


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