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Pi Day at the Airport

Pi Day Smithsonian
Picture courtesy of The Smithsonian Associates

Oh, Pi Day – how I love you! Let me count the ways! There are at least 3.14159 reasons, and you don’t have to be a nerd to enjoy it – and, best of all, you can experience Pi Day at the airport! For those of you who are not up on your math humor, pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference (distance around the circle) to its diameter. It’s also Einstein birthday (even though technically he would have been on the European dates).

Let’s see what some of the airports around the world did for Pi Day at the airport celebrations. And, this is a very special Pi Day – called Super Pi Day – because the day this happens this year, 03/14/15, are the first four decimal points in the digits of pi (and won’t come again for another hundred years). Hopefully you made your celebration count!

  1. PIE Airport. This was a no-brainer! Since PIE Airport (aka St. Pete-Clearwater International, in Florida) has pie in the name, it made perfect sense for PIE airport to offer free pie as part of the annual Pi Day at the airport celebration. What I love even more, is the catchy way PIE Airport has played off of the pie reference in more than just the Pi Day celebration way – check out the name of its URL: Clever marketing! At PIE Airport, Pi Day was celebrated one day early on Friday the 13th! For participating, airport guests could win a roundtrip ticket on Silver Airways starting service at PIE in May. And don’t forget your free pie – choose between strawberry and key lime pie at PIE airport.
    Pi Day At PIE Airport
    Pi Day At PIE Airport
  2. PHL – While the PHL Airport didn’t celebrate Pi Day per se, the Renaissance Philadelphia Airport hotel did. This hotel celebrating Pi Day with a Seafood Pie dinner special served 3.14 ways – Traditional, Scampi & Tequila Lime. The hotel is located just outside the PHL Airport, making it convenient for travelers passing through.
  3. SFO – If you step out of SFO and happen to take public transportation in the greater San Fran area on the BART (Bay Area Local Transit), make you noticed the Pi Day celebrations? If you extend the digits out to the hour, minute and second, you get 3.14.15 (March 14, 2015) at 9:26:53 AM and PM. So you might have noticed people cheering if you happened to be on a BART train at either of these times. Incidentally, if you were looking for a good #layovertip from SFO, the San Francisco Exploratorium was offering a free museum day on Pi Day, accessible via the BART!

Ok, well even though Pi Day was probably overshadowed by St. Patrick’s Day as far airport celebrations go, we’re still quite impressed that PIE Airport lived up to its namesake, and that several airport hotels and airport connected businesses decided to take part.

We’ll leave you with one final thought…

Pi Day
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