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Pokémon Go Airport Edition

Pokémon Go airport edition started to blow up several weeks ago, when airports realized it was a great way to engage their passenger base and incentivize guests to visit more spots in the airport. This blog rolls up all the ways you can play Pokémon Go airport edition.

Pokémon Go airport edition - Image via Corriere
Pokémon Go airport edition – All Nippon Airways tricked out with Pokémon. Image via Corriere

If you haven’t noticed that Pokémons are once again sweeping the world, you must have your head in the sand. This summer Niantic, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo released Pokémon GO which became a worldwide success. As you’ve been traveling lately throughthe airport, it’s also likely you’ve seen some Pokémon characters pop-up (or at least noticed players trying to catch Pokémon). #layovertip

Pokémon Go airport edition at DEN
Pokémon Go airport edition at DEN

Several concessionaires/restaurant operators are getting in to the fun. Both OTG and HMS Host have launched formal Pokémon Go airport programs.

  • OTG is a North American airport concessionaire and restaurateur that operates at DCA, MSP, PHL, LGA, EWR, JFK, YYZ, and IAH. The company had decided to get in the Pokémon Go airport spirit. through helping passengers find Pokestops with lures in its spaces. OTG got in to the game due to not only inevitability, but also not wanting to be left behind. This quote from Michael Marchese at OTG says it all:

It quickly became apparent that there was a significant amount of Pokémon-meandering in our restaurants and gate lounges.

  • HMS Host – is also getting in to the action. The company recently launched its own Pokémon Go airport edition called the Pokémon Go Lure Program in 50 strategic markets across the US. It’s now dropping Lures within the airport to attract guests to try to catch Pokémon . Key elements of the game, like Pokéstops, are apparent at many of HMSHost’s 2,000+ dining locations.

Pokémon Go airport edition – there’s more!

Several other crazy Pokémon Go airport and travel related me-too opportunities have popped up as well. The Swedish IT company Consid is offering a stipend/scholarship to travel around the world and try to catch Pokemon. The Pokémon GO Scholarship is ~EUR 3000. It will allow a recipient to “travel to any location worldwide and catch his or her desired Pokémon”.

What’s the catch? You have to be an active Pokémon GO player living in Sweden. If you are, you can apply on Consid’s website by September 30.

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