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Superbowl traveltips

If you’re planning on hitting the airport this weekend for Superbowl 50, read on for Superbowl traveltips, #layovertips, and the usual tripchi #travelhacks. Even though this year’s Superbowl travel will cost double what it cost last year, these tips may help you get to the game on fewer dollars and in one piece.

Superbowl traveltips to SFO -
Superbowl traveltips to SFO –

Superbowl traveltips for cheap airfare

First of all, you may have already missed the boat on air fare. That’s because many savvy Superbowl travelers already booked flights to SFO before the NFC and AFC champions were even named. These travelers knew that flight prices would go through the roof once winners were named (more than a 230% increase, in fact), so these smart fans took a gamble on their team prior to the championship games (a smart Superbowl traveltip for next year). In fact, their Superbowl travel bets paid off – here are the before and after prices of flying from a few of the cities with teams in the championship games this year (courtesy of Travel + Leisure):

City/Team Before Price After Price
BOS (Patriots) $421 $1051
DEN (Broncos) $256 $640
PHX (Cardinals) $194 $485
CLT (Pantherse) $511 $1278

Superbowl traveltips for alternatives

If you still haven’t booked, here a few more Superbowl traveltips made with love especially for you:

  • Avoid the airports “nearest” to the game. That means flying to Oakland (OAK) over SFO or San Jose (SJC). OAK generally tends to be 15% less expensive, even for non-Superbowl travel (according to Travel + Leisure).
  • Also consider staying in nearby OAK over SFO and SJC, as hotel rates will be cheaper as well. Superbowl traveltip or otherwise, we love OAK – it has great jazz!
  • Well, the opportunity cost of your Superbowl travel is the face-value of the ticket if you sell it (not to mention the time that you’d save). Consider not going to the game at all, selling your ticket, and throwing an awesome Superbowl party at your house, wherever that may be.

Superbowl traveltips – added airline routes

Now, if you’re still determined to deal with Superbowl travel, then you’ll be glad to know that several airlines have added some few extra flights.

If you’re rooting for the Broncos and coming from DEN (which, by the way check out in the tripchi airport app for more Superbowl traveltips) to SFO, the following airlines have added routes:

JetBlue – two new non-stop flights between DEN and SFO:

  • Feb 5 DEN-SFO 10:30AM
  • Feb 5 DEN-SFO 5:50PM
  • Feb 8 SFO-DEN 9:45AM
  • Feb 8 SFO-DEN 5:20PM

Southwest – three nonstop flights (in addition to the three that were already scheduled). Southwest, however, will NOT offer more direct flights from Charlottes (booya Panthers fans).

If you’re rooting for the Panthers, here are some flights that we submit for your Superbowl traveltip approval from Charlotte (CLT is also covered in the tripchi airport app):

JetBlue  – has also added a few direct flights between CLT and SJC:

  • Feb 5 CLT-SJC in the morning
  • Feb 8 SJC-CLT in the morning

United – added one flight between CLT to SFO:

  • Feb 6 CLT-SFO
  • Feb 7 SFO-CLT (after the game)

American Airlines – added several new non-stop flights between CLT and SFO/SJC for Superbowl travel:

  • Feb 5 CLT-SFO (2 new flights)
  • Feb 5 CLT-SJC (1 new flight)
  • Feb 8 SFO-CLT (3 flights)
  • Feb 8 SJC-CLT (2 flights)

Deltait’s been reported that Delta Airlines has also added several flights from CLT to SFO/SJC.

Superbowl traveltips to navigate SFO painlessly

If you are brave enough to fly in to SFO, the airport authority conveniently put out a Superbowl Traveltips guide. Check it out here. The net of it – the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule. Really just common sense, but an especially good Superbowl traveltip for n00bie travelers.

SFO Traveltips for Superbowl Travel
SFO Traveltips for Superbowl Travel

We hope your journey to Superbowl 50 is uneventful, and hopefully cheap enough to allow you to take another vacation later in the year 🙂 Oh yeah, and GO BRONCOS!

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