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tripchi airport app – October update

October 2015 tripchi airport app newsletter

Harvest season is upon us in the Northern hemisphere, and we’re making the most of great weather, cheap flights, and fun events like Oktoberfest (which we were almost in Munich for) and Halloween (which we plan to throw a “travel” oriented party in Denver for – do reach out if you’re in town!)).

September was also a busy month for the tripchi team. As promised, we scoped out new airports and airlines during our epic adventure in Cuba, Curacao, and Panama City, and documented the end-to-end experience as always – both on Chandra’s therestlessroad blog and on the tripchi blog for the portions more related to airlines and airports. Of course we also found time to send out a #layovertip here and there on Twitter.

On the tripchi airport app technical side, we’ve refined some of the design on the mobile website (, and you’ll find new icons representing the types of things you can search for the next time you’re bored in an airport. We already cover:

  • AUS
  • CLT
  • DCA
  • DEN
  • DXB
  • IAD
  • MEX
  • PHX
  • PIT
  • SFO

In the coming month we plan to add:

  • BOS (via the API)
  • MIA

While you’re killing time at the airport, the tripchi team is hard at work building new experiences and scouring undocumented #layovertips for your eyes only.

Have you booked your holiday travel? If you haven’t started thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas flights you might already be out of luck (sorry). We recommend you check out the recently launched Hopper app to see if you’re screwed, or if you should wait a little longer. Chandra is using it figure out when to book a trip from Denver (DEN) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) around New Year’s Eve. According to the app, she’d better pull the trigger now, because it’s just going to get more expensive if she waits. The general rule of thumb for booking holiday travel if the sooner the better. We’ve been known to book our travel nearly a year in advance to lock in the best flight at the best rate. You just can’t expect last minute discount tickets to magically appear anymore.

You can check out the Hopper app on both the iTunes and Google Play app stores. And, the Hopper website offers a pretty nifty web app showing average flight prices by airport in case you have the option to fly out of more than one airport for your next trip.

Airport of the month club. The airport we’re highlighting this month is Dubai International Airport (DXB). DXB is a ginormous airport that in our eyes is one of the first examples of an Airport 2.0 – where the city’s brand and unique cultural attitude and opportunities are reflected in the airport itself. Here are our top 3 #layovertips for DXB:

  1. Duty Free shopping blankets this airport, so get your wallets ready just in time for the gift-giving season ahead
  2. If you’ve over-indulged during your travels to Dubai (it’s hard notto), there’s a gym available in the The Dubai International Hotel, located inside Terminals 1 & 3.
  3. There’s a gallery of photos and videos promoting aviation in Dubai connecting concourse B and C.

If you’re looking for a #layovertip or dining or shopping options, of course you can bring up the tripchi airport app and find a listing of what’s around you based on your flight time and the Concourse you’re leaving from. If you’re passing through the DXB airport, we’d love to get your feedback! Find these tips and more on the tripchi airport app.

Read more about the Dubai International Airport on the tripchi aiport app blog.

New to the tripchi airport app community? tripchi is your passport to explore the airport. We roll up dining and shopping options, charging stations, as well as airport art, airport secrets and #layovertips. And, you can browse lounges, find special deals and offers, and track your flight information. It’s now available on the Android through this direct download (click here), and will be on the Google Play store soon. For all you iPhone users out there, our plan is to roll the tripchi airport app out on the iTunes store next.

We’re currently looking for feedback on the Android app (send us an email at

How can you help?

  1. In the aviation industry? Pass your airport connections our way? We are looking at running a limited trial to prove that we can help not only airport guests, but also airports.
  2. Flying soon? We need your help to source more and better airport content. If you’d like to write for us or contribute your airport findings, shoot us an email:

Read on for the monthly blog highlights!

Miami Airport immigration

Miami Airport immigration. A few weeks ago Chandra took a trip to Cuba and Panama, and came back in to the US via Miami Airport immigration. Getting in to both Cuba and Panama were easy, and she thought she might be questioned a little more intensely coming back in to the US. However, clearing immigration at Miami Airport was a breeze. Read more here.

Calgary Airport review

Calgary Airport (YYC) review. Our latest airport review comes from Melinda Gross, a travelphile and tripchi fan. It’s a multi-part review since she actually stopped over in several airports, with some airline reviews mixed in. You can check out more about Melinda on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter @melindadgrossRead more here.

Arriving in Havana via PTY

Arriving in Havana via PTY. On Chandra’s first trip to Cuba, she had some challenges arriving in Havana despite the fact that relations with the U.S. have been thawing. Not only did she have to master the challenge of the “flying through a third” city, but then she had to find flights that were actually affordable. She landed on Copa Airlines, through Panama City Airport (PTY). Read more here.

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