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tripchi airport app newsletter – Jan 2015

Keep calm and travel on with the tripchi airport app in 2015!

Jan 2015, New Year Edition

The New Year has just begun, and tripchi is excited to bring you new airport and travel hacking tips, as well as new airport coverage in our airport app in 2015.

In fact, we’ve added Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) to our list of airports covered in our airport app. Next up? Denver International Airport. Shoot us a note if you’re in either PIT or DEN, because we’d love your feed feedback on the tripchi airport app.

Company update: We finally incorporated the tripchi airport app as a Delaware-based C-Corp. While not a HUGE thing, it’s been something we’ve been trying to finish up for over a year, and it’s a great feeling to be completely legitimate now :). We also opened a bank account with Square1 Bank in Denver, in anticipation of making our first sale this year.

How can you help? If you are in the airport or airport retail industry, can you pass your connections our way?

Read on for the monthly blog highlights for the tripchi airport app!

SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course - Best Airport Fitness at HKG
SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course at HKG – Best Airport Fitness

Stay fit at the airport. We’re all trying to lose that holiday weight – you know, from the extra Christmas mashed potatoes, coupled with the food and drink we bought or won at the airport. Or maybe from that awesome round-the-world New Year’s Eve double-airport celebration. But it’s such a busy time of year, and with business travel ramping up, it’s hard to eat healthy and workout while traveling. That’s why we’ve rolled up the best airport fitness facilities, so that you can have your travel, and workout too (and have fun doing it)! Discover this great content in the tripchi airport app. Read more here.

PIT Airport T. Rex
PIT Airport T. Rex

PIT Airport not the Pits. Our 5th airport to build out for the tripchi airport app is PIT Airport. It was kind of a spontaneous airport to decide to include, but we had the fortune of taking an extended layover through PIT Airport on the way back from IAD Airport in early Dec 2014. And we liked it so much from the perspective of an Airport 2.0, that we thought PIT Airport would be another interesting regional airport offering to include in the tripchi airport app. Read more here.

2015 Flights in Review2014 Flights In Review – It’s been a fun year of travel for Seth. This was one of his best years for international travel since he spent the year in Cape Town, South Africa. Many of the flights were very long so he was able to experience new long hauls airline offerings, coupled with his new destinations. As he does each year, Seth compiled all his flight legs, new airlines, miles flown, new destinations and new aircraft, and crowns a winner in each category. Where will you go in 2015 with the tripchi airport app? Read more here.

Washington, D.C. Airport Stats
Washington, D.C. Airport Stats

The Airport Battle of Baltimore-Washington. It’s a rare day in air travel to have three large airports centered in one metro area. The Greater Washington, D.C. area is home to around 9 million residents and lays claim to having Dulles Airport, Baltimore-Washington and Reagan Airports. The variety and amount of routes available to passengers has been rewarding for the regions airport economy. This blog explores these three airports, and crowns one a winner. Read more here.

Air New Zealand and The Hobbit - NZ02
Air New Zealand and The Hobbit – NZ02

Movie buff? “The Hobbit” airs on Air New Zealand. Last month, several tripchi supporters flew Air New Zealand Flight NZ2 from Los Angeles to London and back (NZ1). We’ve been waiting for the opportune time to review their flights, as well as to debut “The Hobbit” safety video on the tripchi airport app blog. Now that it’s after Christmas (and as many of our readers are finally thinking about what movies to see), now’s the perfect time to feature this NZ flight and our “The Lord of the Rings”/”The Hobbit” video (live footage from the flight itself). Read more here.

Stay tuned for the next edition of the tripchi airport app blog newsletter next month!

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