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Nov 2014, Thanksgiving Edition


Thanksgiving is here and holiday travel is on everyone’s mind. Unlike many tripchi app users, we love this time of year because the busy travel season brings more time spent at the airport. The holiday season is also a great petri dish experiment with travel trend data. If you’re following us on Twitter, then you already saw our tweet on the best day of the week to buy tickets this holiday season from the Middle Seat (turns out the weekend is a great time to buy). Also be sure to enter our Airport Improvement Contest on Facebook to win an iPhone 5 case!

Flight UpdateThanks to those of you who continue to give us feedback on the tripchi mobile website version. We encourage our users to notify us if you find any bugs. As always we need your help spreading the word to your friends so that we have lots of jet-setter Beta testers come mobile app launch day, in time for Christmas.

Product Update on the Mobile Website: Add your flight to display a countdown timer, so you don’t miss your flight. And, receive informational flight status updates including gate changes, delay information and more!

Finally, join us for a game! Not only will we be releasing our app on Google Play App Store for Android, but we also trend on twitter with our #namethatairport and #travletip hashtags whenever we’re at an airport. We always have great tips, like this one, for our followers and want you to experienceAirport2.0 lifestyle:
Runway Girl NetworkBig Ups: This month we were psyched to be a featured ad on the Runway Girl Network, run by the very talented Mary Kirby. For those of you unfamiliar with the Runway Girl Network, it is a collection of tremendously talented aviation journalist. They provide deep industry intelligence with first-hand knowledge of the passenger experience to provide unrivaled news and insight to both industry stakeholders and the traveling public. It is also a forum to highlight the achievement of women in aviation. They post often on Twitter with the hastag #PaxEx and provide a once monthly podcast which is available on iTunes. If you are looking for the best industry insight and opinions of the passenger experience you need to check them out!

787 Qatar Airways

This month’s featured post is our flight review the 787 Qatar Airways. While the 787 is a beautifully designed aircraft, Qatar’s 787 interior design leaves one wanting more. The seats are lacking in legroom due to a poor placement of the entertainment boxes and the seat was incredible uncomfortable. On the plus side the attendants were great and the  cabin is pressurized at 6,000 ft which can reduce aches and pains associated with long haul travel. Check out the full story HERE!

Private Flight Experience

The Private Flight Experience: Ever wanted to fly privately? Wouldn’t it be great to skip security and waltz on to the aircraft. Our CEO Chandra’s parents, who are avid travelers, recently flew privately on a Beechcraft Baron for a weekend of wine tasting in Sonoma (Northern California). Check out the blog here to see how the experience stacked up against commercial airline travel. They may never fly coach again!!

Southwest InternationalSouthwest International – It’s here, Sort of: After an extensive merger period, Southwest is finally offering international flights. While this is exciting for loyal flyers, booking the international ticket wasn’t so easy. To find out how to navigate the kinks you can read more here.


Flight Review: Frontier 405 DEN – LAX: The ultra low cost carriers are gaining traction on the majors. With their a la carte pricing system passengers are willing to pay less to get less. But, how much can these airlines nickle and dime passengers before it becomes too much? We review Frontier Airlines DEN-LAX service aboard an Airbus A319. If you can fly light you can fly cheap.Intrigued? Read the full blog here. 

Frontier Flight 405

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