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Packing Tips: Pack The Right Way

Whether you’re traveling through the desert or the Icelandic back country, packing tips are an important item to include on your pre-trip checklist. The right packing tips can help you economize your space and also help you think through the important items to bring on your trip (and often more importantly, the ones to leave behind).

Especially if you’re going into the wilderness, you should really spend some time thinking about what you want to bring to ensure you have the best Backcountry gear with you to stay comfortable, including the right backpack, carry-on, or luggage, depending on how “rough” you’re going to get. Even if you’re just going on a weekend jaunt to a large city, it’s still super nice to have a detachable backpack that you can take around with you – it can hold your valuables as well as some water and snacks to keep you going whether you’re a campside or city-side sightseer.

We know wordy posts can be boring, so we have compiled a detailed infographic on the best packing tips out there. While some of these items are fairly obvious, it’s still useful as a guideline to keep organized on those last-minutes trips when you’re bound to let something slip your mind in the packing process. And, if you like these packing tips, feel free to tweet it out using #traveltip and the @tripchi handle to let us know you saw it here.

Packing Tips Infographic

Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way

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