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Day hikes from DEN – #layovertip

This is just a quick post to share some of my favorite expeditions and day hikes from DEN – you can do these over a long long layover or overnight. Hint: #layovertip.

You can easily rent a car at the airport, or use the tripchi app to find a ride downtown, and get your day hikes from DEN going.

Then you can take the Amtrak to Durango or Glenwood Springs and check out the Hanging Lake, which I got to do a few days ago.

You can even Uber it from DEN to wherever you need to go.

You know you want to, because the Rocky Mountains are beautiful!


Here’s a roll up of some ideas of day hikes from DEN, and I’ve written about them in a lot of detail on my blog:

Many of these places you can get to for your day hikes from DEN in less than 4 hours – a few, like Rifle, Meeker, and Little Trappers will take you a bit longer. Always remember to leave lots of time to come back so that you can make your flight – I70 gets quite jammed up on Sundays when everyone in Denver is coming back home from a weekend in the mountains. So plan accordingly!


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