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DEN Train to the Plane

Only one more week before you can take the DEN Train to the Plane from Union Station in downtown Denver to the Denver International Airport (of course it will also run the other way, from the airport to Union Station). We noticed the DEN Train to the Plane advertisement while we were hanging out Sunday morning at Union Station, so I decided to feature it here, considering opening day is in just a few days on April 22, 2016.

DEN Train to the Plane
DEN Train to the Plane

DEN Train to the Plane key Info

Denver has been advertising the debut of the DEN Train to the Plane since the beginning of the year, when opening day looked likely to be on time, as scheduled, in April. The train will officially be called the University of Colorado “A” line, and the jazz fan among us will be particularly pleased to Take the A Train to the plane and home again.

The University of Colorado A Line is a 23 miles route that is supposed to take 37 minutes one-way (I’ll test this out on Friday). Union Station already provides connections to the C, E and W light rail lines, with the G and B commuter rail lines coming later this year.

If you have a few hours to yourself the afternoon of April 22, you can enjoy a complimentary ride to the airport, as well as to other metro stops all day long, as well as a few opening day activities, including a kick-off with Governor Hickenlooper from 10AM-12PM. Leave ac comment in this blog, or drop me a tweet @tripchi if you do end up partaking.

DEN Train to the Plane (and back) #Layovertip

Besides taking the DEN Train to the Plane, you can take the Plane to the Train! Enjoy a train ride from the airport to Union Station to partake in some Union Station shuffleboard (they have complimentary tables, you just need to get the pucks from The Terminal Bar) and brunch at Snooze if you have a few hours to kill that you’d rather spend outside the airport. This combo (Union Station shuffleboard and brunch) is one of my recommended #layovertips, coupled with possibly a hike as well, to say you’ve really done the city of DEN for a day.

Shuffleboard at Union Station
Shuffleboard at Union Station

You can learn more about the DEN Train to the Plane here, and stay tuned for my blog next week, where I will review ride and the experience on opening day, since I can take advantage of the free ride on April 22, 2016 as part of my already scheduled journey to Los Angeles.

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