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Earth Hour at the Airport

While I didn’t spend Earth Hour at an airport (technically), I did spend it on the road. In fact, I was in Las Vegas on the Strip (we stayed at the Mirage). For one hour on Saturday at 830PM PST, Las Vegas went totally dark (from the outside). Anyone hanging out on the inside, at the casinos or the shows, wouldn’t have noticed (my parents and I were actually at an Elton John show) – but if you were flying overhead, you would have seen a near-zero footprint radiating from the Strip.

Earth Hour Las Vegas

With Earth Day approaching on April 22nd, we thought it would be only fitting to roll up similar celebrations for Earth Day at the airport, as well as some Earth Hour at the airport demonstrations too. Here are some of the better ones we found.

  1. DEN – For Earth Hour last Saturday night (Mar 28th 2015), Denver International Airport turned off the illumination on the eyes of the possessed mustang sculpture in front of the airport. Besides the horse’s eyes, DEN also turned off several prominent lights, including the sign along Pena Boulevard and the illuminated sign marking the Jeppesen Terminal. This is the 3rd year that DEN participated in Earth Hour, and DEN also plans some fun celebrations for Earth Day at the Airport on April 22nd. DEN will have an educational and interactive booth located in the center of the main Jeppesen Terminal, open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Passengers visiting the booth are able to enter Earth Day at the airport contests, receive free gifts and learn about DEN’s commitment to the environment over the past 20 years.
  2. SHJ – Earth Hour at the airport was celebrated by Sharjah International Airport (in the UAE). The airport honored the hour by going dark on the outside. Not only did the Sharjah Airport Twitter account leverage the #EarthHour hashtag, but many passengers joined in the fun too for Earth Hour at the Airport.Earth Hour at the Airport - Sharjah
  3. LAX – Los Angeles International Airport also celebrated Earth Hour at the airport by turning off its illuminated pylons/columns located in front of the airport entrance. LAX Earth Hour at the Airport
  4. LHE – The most random airport we’ve rolled up in the Earth Hour at the Airport celebration is the main airport in Lahore, Pakistan – Allama Iqbal International Airport. From 830pm to 930 pm, 50% of non-operational lights were turned off to show solidarity to Earth Hour and Earth Day celebrated worldwide, as well as to show respect for conservation of Pakistan’s environment and natural resources. Earth Hour at Lahore Airport

We hoped you enjoyed Earth Hour at the Airport, whether you were at an airport or in the city. We’ll roll up more on the Earth Day celebrations happening worldwide at airports as the date gets closer. Stay tuned!

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