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Finding tripchi

If you’re anything like me, time in the airport for travel ranges from frustrating to boring and is usually defined by “When can I get this over with?” The delays are long, you never know where anything is, and if there is anything to eat that is not a chain restaurant, it is invariably on the other side of the airport or some other terminal.

For most of us, travel is a chore. Whether we take short flights or long ones, our time spent at the airport is almost always boring and we are left to twiddle our thumbs during delays while great dining, shopping, and recreation options are a quick walk away. Phoenix, Logan, Reagan, Kennedy, O’Hare, and Heathrow for example all have great choices of things to do and most can be done is less than a hour.

I am still young, I like to think, and already have a long list of horror stories from in my career going from smaller airports in the Great Plains and Midwest to up and down the East Coast without an Ipod, with dead batteries on my laptop and phone, and no outlet to be found… All I wanted to do is find a place to plug everything in or a quick bite and all that usually happened was wandering around until I get to my gate, settling for the exact same coffee I get every other day, and hoping I can find a seat next to an outlet to recharge everything (sigh)…I like to travel, but the airport experience is currently subpar because we just don’t know what options are out there.

Luckily enough however, we have tripchi. tripchi acts as your intelligent guide to maneuvering through the airport. It takes into account a few factors such as your flight information to determine how much time you have left, and then activities that you like to participate in based on your feedback. From this information it makes targeted recommendations of activities you can do in that timeframe. The more you use it, the smarter it gets, and the more the recommendations become tailored to exactly what you want.

We want to hear from you in the comments. Do you know what most airports have available to relax in the terminal? What was your worst experience during an airport delay at Logan? What is your favorite airport for travel? Make sure to sign up for our beta coming in 2013.

Also please feel free to fill out our short survey about your previous flying experience.

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