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The Future of Aircraft WiFi with Alex from Altitude Connect

@Altitude-Alex (2)This week tripchi is excited to speak with our friend Alex at Altitude Connect. Altitude Connect specializes in the use of leading technologies, insightful innovations, meaningful products and inspired services that empower people to be entertained and productive in-flight. They are all about promoting in-flight connectivity and all the fun ways to share it. Alex is one of Altitude Connects most vital team members and we wanted to pick her brain about the latest advances in airport and in-flight connectivity. As a frequent traveler Alex can often be found tweeting about the clouds on flights with connectivity. She can be reached on twitter at @Altitude_Alex or at Enjoy!

We at tripchi are all about airports, we have to ask, what is your favorite airport and why?

During the last year, in between my flights with connectivity, I’ve been in many airports around the world, but I have to confess that I love my home airport SNA here in Orange County, California.  It’s a smaller airport, but easy to get in and out, they’ve got free WiFi in the terminal, and great connection options for any where I need to go.

munich free wifi

What frustrates you the most about airports these days?

That would have to be the sheer size of so many airports.  When you frequently travel internationally, it can be quite a challenge to make a connection getting to a gate in a terminal at the opposite side of an airport.  Luckily, many airlines have gate connection details available on their mobile apps, so I can use the in-flight WiFi to plan my route between gates.

We hear from many folks that they want free reliable wifi at the airport. If you had to choose, would you rather have wifi at the airport or on the aircraft?

Because the mission of @Altitude is to promote the awareness and usage of in-flight connectivity, of course we’d rather have it on the aircraft!  Also, when I’m at the airport I’m usually rushing to catch a flight so I don’t always have to time to use the WiFi in the terminal.  It’s nice to know that I can relax with an uninterrupted block of time on the aircraft surfing the web above the clouds.

wifi onboard

In terms of value and reliability which airline has the best in-flight wifi?

The goal of @Altitude is not to advocate one airline’s WiFi as being better than another’s, but rather to provide passengers with the information on its rapidly growing availability.  Wherever you are in the world, if your local or favorite airline offers in-flight WiFi on the route you want to travel, then that’s the best WiFi for you!

Is there a typical passenger type that is more apt to purchase in-flight wifi?

Any passenger who enjoys being connected on the ground is likely to purchase in-flight WiFi, however we have observed more frequent usage by business travelers.

Virgin America YouTube air-ground Video Stream

What is the next step for airlines to improve a passenger’s in-flight wifi experience?

We believe that airlines need to continue improving awareness that they offer in-flight WiFi and other types of connectivity.  It’s surprising how many passengers still don’t know that it’s even available.  We’re trying to help educate travelers by providing them updated information, but it’s an ongoing process and there’s always room for improvement.

southwest wifi

Thank You Alex!!

Thanks again to our guest Altitude Alex for her insight into the world of aircraft connectivity. With more and more airlines installing WiFi on their aircraft, passengers can now enjoy connectivity throughout entirety of their journey. Again if you would like get in touch with Alex please tweet her at @Altitude_Alex or their main handle @AltitudeConnect. You can also check out the Altitude Connect Facebook page for more information on the latest in-flight offerings.

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