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Jennifer From the Deals We Like Blog

Deals we like JenToday we are very excited to present a guest post with Jennifer from the Deals We Like blog which is featured on the very popular travel blog roll BoardingArea. As a child she learned the frequent flyer ropes from her father, who often got their family upgraded and many times they flew for free. Her passion for travel deals and points started over nine years ago when she graduated college and took a job in consulting. She spent her weekdays hotel hoping and embarking on flights eagerly building her points. Since she was traveling all the time, she decided to master and take advantage of the points and miles game which has morphed itself into an outstanding resource on finding the best travel deals. She is a mother to a baby girl and married to Mr. Deals a fellow deal hound, together they love to travel and grab great deals! If you would like to get in touch with Jennifer you can email her at, on twitter @DealsWeLike and via her Facebook page.

We at tripchi are all about airports, we have to ask, what is your favorite airport and why?

Personally, my favorite airports are the ones where you can make it from the front door to your gate in just a few minutes. I also love airports where rental cars are on site and I do not have to take a shuttle. Any airport that makes the travel experience less painful.

What frustrates you the most about the airport experience these days?

I’ve always hated going through security, but now that I have a toddler I hate it even more. I have to take out my laptop, take off my jacket and shoes, close a stroller, try to jam it through the security belt, etc. all while making sure my daughter isn’t crying or running around the place!

Security line

There has been some controversy over when is the best time to book airline tickets. Do you have a favorite day and time to search for tickets?

I know many people have the “Tuesday” theory and I do agree that is true in some cases, but not always. Typically, the low cost carriers come out with their fare sales on Tuesdays, so if you are looking at Southwest or JetBlue, Tuesdays might in fact be the best day. But both airlines allow you to get a credit if your flight goes down, so no real reason to wait (Southwest allows it until departure date and JetBlue for 14 days after you book).

best day to buy




Overall though, I think checking daily and being on top of it really helps you grab the best price. If you are looking to travel during peak dates make sure to book as far in advance as possible.

How has Social Media changed the way you search for travel deals?twitter alert

I am constantly checking out Twitter or travel deals. I have Twitter alerts set up so I even get a text message every time a good fare is Tweeted by some select blogs.

A feature of the tripchi app is pushing deals to our users when they are at the airport. Do you have any tips on finding great deals at the airport?

I really don’t think there are that many great airport deals so an app to notify me about them would be great!

When choosing travel credit cards, what are the most important features and benefits that sway your decision?

us airways cardThere are so many factors that go into this. The first thing I look at is the sign up bonus. That gets me to either apply or not apply for a card. After that, I look for cards that help me out when I am in a bind. For example, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card (along with other Chase cards) have great trip delay and trip cancellation insurance. So I only use that card when booking a flight. When it comes to purchasing items that are final sale, I use my American Express Starwood credit card as they have great return protection policies (all Amex cards do).

Many Frequent Flyer programs have gone away from miles flown to a revenue based incentives program. Which US or global FF program do you feel provides the best value?

I am a very loyal American Airlines member. I have lifetime Gold status and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they never go to a revenue based program. While I might be biased, I feel as though they have the best program that provides the best value. Overall, diversifying your points is the best strategy as all programs have their sweet spot.

Thanks Jennifer! We appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions. Check Jennifers blog for all the latest and greatest travels deals. Happy Traveling!

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