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Spring in to airport travel with the tripchi airport app!

Yay, Spring – the Vernal equinox has officially arrived, which has hopefully spurred some wanderlust and restlessness for your inner travelphile via the tripchi airport app.The tripchi airport app is of course is there for you while you’re killing time at the airport with the tripchi airport app.We wanted to highlight two pretty nifty apps you can use in planning your travel – the first is Hopper’s recent app foray called GTFO (Get the flight out) – also called Flight Tonight. Get it on iPhone here. We’ve been trying it out lately, but have mixed feelings since the flights it offers tend are fairly expensive.The second is a money saving flight app we discovered after catching up with one of the founders, Eric Lanier, here in Denver. The app is called FareScout, and it helps give you an accurate picture of how much a given flight (route) costs based on historical data averaging. Then, it tells you whether now is a good time to buy your flight. FareScout can also send you notifications so that you’re in the know if the flight price is expected to increase or decrease. Get FareScout on iPhone here.

Of course, we recommend using both of these apps in tandem with the tripchi airport app, which will show you how to make the most of your time at the airport. We’ll tell you your dining and shopping options, as well #layovertips, such as airport art and other lesser known airport hacks and adventures.

tripchi airport app company update: We are hard at work integrating Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) as our next airport. We are also about to roll out the Surprise Me feature, which gives you a recommendation based on everything we know about you (your flight time, location, and  interests from Facebook) on what you should do at the airport. We’d love your feedback on the tripchi mobile website.

How can you help? If you are in the airport or airport retail industry, can you pass your connections our way? We are looking for contacts at: DEN, IAD, DXB, AUS, SFO, HKG, SIN, and PIT, but we’ll take all leads as we are building out new airports rapidly. Read on for the monthly blog highlights of the tripchi airport app!

Norwegian Air deals
The controversy over Norwegian Air deals. Norwegian Air Shuttle, to many North Americans, is a little known European low cost carrier. It flies short-haul routes in Scandinavia and Europe. Lately, there have been some killer dealers (if you’re lucky enough to get them) – but there has been some controversy around exactly HOW these fares are being offered. Read more here.
What’s better than a Spring escape to Paris? In this blog, we catch up with the founders (Anna and Emmanuel, above) of LayoverinParis, a startup that facilitates Paris city tours out of Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG) – perfect for the long layover and an even better #layovertip! Read more here on the tripchi airport app blog.
Winter weather getting you down?Top 5 warm weather “get the flight out” destinations. Winter weather got you down? We know in some parts of the United States (here’s looking at you Boston), Winter came in full force with blizzards and daily bitter temperatures…and it’s still not letting up even in to Spring! The best way to escape the cold is naturally to fly far, far, far away. Consider using Hopper’s latest app to get out of dodge spontaneously. Read more here to find out where to go. And don’t forget to take the tripchi airport app with you!

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