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tripchi launches crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Love to travel but hate airports?

Hello there fellow travelers and technophiles,
Love to travel but hate airports? Us too, and we want to change that!

That’s why my startup, tripchi, has just launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo for our airport mobile app, tripchi, which needs your help to launch globally. Our goal is to help travelers worldwide have a better airport experience.

Contribute Now to Indiegogo

tripchi serves up personalized recommendations of things for you to do in the airport, including deals on food, drink, and shopping, and of course detailed content to explore and navigate the airport.

Check out all the details here, including our new animated product video.

We already have built a prototype that works on the iPhone in Boston Logan International Airport, but in order to scale tripchi worldwide (and keep the app free for travelers), we’ll need to raise $10,000, which will cover the build out of at least 3 airports (that you vote for). The more we raise, the more airports and specials features, deals, and offers, we can include in the app for our supporters.

There are two easy ways for you to help:
1. By contributing! Visit our campaign webpage on Indiegogo to select the contribution amount and also browse the list of awesome perks we offer at various donation levels. Just hit the “Contribute Now” big pink button on the right-hand side of the Indiegogo website (it looks like the button above) and select the perk you would like to claim, and click the pink “Continue” button. Secure payment instructions will follow, and if you use PayPal it’s tax deductible (credit card is OK too)! Once the campaign is over, we will begin to fulfill perks, and will update you on our campaign progress regularly!
2. By sharing with others! Even if you can’t make a contribution, you can still help our cause by spreading the word to your social networks, and following us on Twitter and Facebook. And, here’s a tweet you can immediately retweet through a single click:

Retweet this tweet with a single-click

A BIG THANK YOU from the entire tripchi team (below) for all your help and support on our vision to revolutionize the airport experience and bring the world into an era of Airports 2.0.

The tripchi team thanks you!


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