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tripchi goes international at Boston Logan

Getting around Boston Logan for international travel has always been a little more difficult than other airports.  Terminal E seems overextended and difficult to manage (it’s not the friendliest).  You can have problems trying to find a place to sit down and security lines can back up for hours; once you get through security, however, there are plenty of interesting options of things to do around this international terminal.

Namely, if you want to shop and are a technophile, be sure to stop by Tech Showcase.  I got my last phone at Tech Showcase and I’ve heard they already have the Samsung Galaxy IV. On a side note, I first found out about the new Youm technology from a sales attendant at Tech Showcase (Forbes chimed in on it here). Who knew that I could shop AND learn? (this actually isn’t rhetorical—tripchi’s recommendations are based on your personality and interests). If you like to learn, tripchi will help find things to learn about, like airport features (exhibits, nice views) or city facts.

Brookstone can also help out if you need that extra pillow or new luggage. Prices vary from season to season, but a 10% – 15% off coupon from tripchi will go a long way in helping your concerns about airports being overpriced.  A travel pillow or new set of headphones is very manageable for most people and, as long as you can find it, a new duffel bag help you out as well if you need some more space for the things you buy before your trip.

As far as places to eat in Terminal E, you will also enjoy Vineyard Grille.  It’s a great spot to sit down and relax after (or before) a long flight. Featuring regional wines, what’s not to like? And with chef-inspired menus paired with these wines from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, the experience is elevated from “like” to “love.” If you love food and wine, tripchi will definitely recommend the Vineyard Grill to you. And be sure to leave a “thumbs up” rating on tripchi to share this information with other travelers.

Sandwiches at the airport

While I had a little more time that normal to explore this terminal, you may not. So if you’re looking for something quick to eat, or are anticipating a long flight to Phoenix or LAX or wherever, tripchi would probably recommend Earl of Sandwich.  The food is relatively cheap, and you can take most everything with you on the plane. But other passengers will definitely be envious so don’t be surprised if you start getting nasty glares ;).

AirFrance, AirTran, and Alitalia all are easily marked for your next vacation and may I suggest checking out the Croatian side of the Adriatic next time you are looking for somewhere to vacation in Southern Europe (the beaches are great and it’s luxe travel on a budget). As always, if you have any questions, like: “Where is everything?”, “How far is the Tech Showcase to my gate?”, or “Does this airport have outlets to charge my gadgets?”  That’s what I have tripchi for…

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